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Adobe Creative Cloud After Effects CC 2014 New iCons

David Torno at the Pro Video Coalition has made some new iCons Adobe After Effects Creative Cloud 2014 versions which have the same icons as the previous CC versions. Download them now! And Twitter User Sam Parnell has made some for Premiere Pro 2014.

Apple kills Aperture, really getting out of Pro Apps

The Loop has the story.
Since iPhoto is being replaced with Photos in Yosemite, they are killing Aperture. Looks like Adobe Lightroom (always the better program) is the only solution, but it loses the great integration that iPhoto had with Aperture.
Seems pros have less to trust in Apple. Is Logic next to go? Will Apple kill FCP X after that? I wouldn't mind that, but for a company that has killed so many great Pro Apps, they are making less trust for Pro users. They already killed Shake and Final Cut Pro 7. What is next?
I love Apple computers and OS X, but I don't trust them. The new MacPro is powerful, but not expandable enough. Are they pushing pros to Windows? Or do they want us to make Hackintoshes?

Adobe Kuler available for Adobe Photoshop CC 2014


The iOS App Adobe Kuler now has a control panel for Photoshop CC 2014. You can get it at the Creative Cloud Add on Site. The app lets you create and share color themes between your iOS device and Photoshop. Very very cool!

RedShark on Panasonic FX1000 4K Camera for $899

RedShark has a great article on the exciting new Panasonic Lumix FX1000 Camera.

Sure it is a fixed lens DSLR (though it is a Leica), but one that can record in 4K for $899! And clean output over HDMI, even better! Wow. Now the audio is supposed to be very subpar, but the picture awesome if only 30FPS at 4K (and even cooler is the 100FPS at 1080) Not the flagship GH4, but still a very impressive camera!

Honestly I want one just for shooting video. I mean 4K at that price. Wow.

This is a revolution and will push 4K better than much else would.

BlackMagic updates their cameras to 1.8 and releases DaVinci Resolve 11 Beta

ProVideo Coalition has the news on both.

The Black Magic Camera have been updated with a much better interface and autofocus with performance enhancements for all 3 models. Very cool!

And DaVinci Resolve 11 Beta has been released with more editing features.

Red Giant has Updated Universe to 1.1 with 3 new Free and 6 Premium Effects!

Red Giant has updated Universe to 1.1 with 3 new Free and 6 New Premium Effects. And 3 updated Effects.

What's New in Red Giant Universe 1.1 from Red Giant on Vimeo.

Very cool. Lets hope they keep pouring out updates this quickly. The great thing about the subscription model is if they keep getting in money they can keep updating.

iCloud iOS bookmarks are messed up again

Well it seems to have happened again. My iOS Bookmarks are totally screwed up again, and I can't seem to get them to clear up.

I will explain my situation again, which has changed slightly. I run Firefox as my primary browser (used to be Chrome, but I am starting to not feel comfortable with Google having dominion over everything I do on the web), but I still use Chrome for some things. To keep my Bookmarks in sync I run Xmarks, and to get my bookmarks on iOS I run Xmarks for Safari, but it doesn't seem to do the trick.

Even though my bookmarks on my Mac in Safari match my bookmarks in both Firefox and Chrome, this doesn't seem to make it over to my iOS devices.

In the past I have run Chrome in Windows 8.1 in Parallels. I would download the latest bookmarks with Xmarks, and the Chrome iCloud plug in seemed to overwrite the iCloud bookmarks with clean ones, but this doesn't seem to be working currently.

I just wish Apple would go back to allowing direct bookmark overwrite via iTunes. They used to allow this, and have gone back to allowing it for Contacts and Calendars, but not for Bookmarks! If they aren't going to give you settings to overwrite things on iCloud, they need to at least let you just overwrite from your computer!


After Effects CC 2014 New Features

Adobe has update After Effects in the Creative cloud subscription to version CC 2014.

Built in keying has been enhanced with a Key Cleaner to fix compression artifacts in a key. And Advanced Spill Supressor does an impressive job of removing spill. Won't touch Red Giant's keying suite, but will improve Keylight in certain situations.

You can now link individual masks to effects on a single layer, and dissolve effects to lessen effect. This will clean things up by letting you so different masked effects on a single layer and track each mask individually. And you can get those masks from layer masks in Premiere Pro.

You can create Live Text Templates to leave individual text editable in premiere, especially great for lower thirds.

I/O has now been replaced by the Mercury Transmit engine from Premiere Pro, which should be faster.

Like the rest of creative cloud, there is Type Kit desktop font integration.

The iOS Kuler is now integrated into an After effects Panel.

Curves have been improved.

Mocha has been updated to version 3.2.1.

Not as big of an update as Premier Pro, but impressive nonetheless.


What's new in Premiere Pro CC 2014


Adobe has released a full document on what is new of Premiere Pro CC 2014

They have videos to demo the new major features, such as Masking and Tracking within Premiere Pro, Live Text Templates from After Effects for editable lower thirds and title cards, the awesome Master Clip effects which are added to master clips and show up everywhere the clips show up.

Other less publicized features are you can set up automatic project backup to creative cloud. Reverse Frame Matching! Set clips to Frame Size from a drop down menu, and they don't rasterize, so you are always going to the original to get the best image! AWESOME!

You now have some choice when importing projects, and can import just sequences and create folders and have the choice of duplicating media or automatically using media already in your project.

You can also browse after effects projects in the Media Browser, so you can preview compositions before importing.

A feature that should have always been there in every program is to Maintain Audio Pitch while scrubbing and playback either slow or fast! YES!!

There are Voice Over enhancements. All effects are now cross platform, which means we have lost many effects (though none were that great anyway).

And the most awesome for speed is Cross Dissolve transitions can be saved as Presets! So you can have multiple length effects set up already, and you can change multiple transitions at once!


Premiere is really improving, and at this rate will easily be the best editor choice around. AVID is going to have to learn that they need to upgrade quickly now that they are also doing the subscription model or they will fall behind really fast!

OnOne and Adobe Creative Cloud 2014

It seems OnOne's software will work with 2014, but you will need to re-run the installer again. You can't currently use the Extension panel until they update, but it still works through file Automate.

Adobe needs to do something about 3rd party Plug Ins to make it easier to upgrade

With the release of Adobe Creative Cloud 2014, we have yet another set of programs installed in our computers, which is nice, as the last version will keep working for old jobs (and when plug ins have not been rewritten yet), but it makes for a pain in the ass in getting plug ins working again.

After Effects has so many places plug ins can be installed. In your Library folder and in the Plug ins folder in it's application. So you have to painstakingly either re-install all your plugs in or go through and copy plug ins over between versions.

Photoshop used to do this well, with a 3rd Party plug-ins folder. So when you installed a new version you could just point Photoshop to this folder, and all your 3rd Party Plug-Ins would be there. Of course in true idiotic fashion they removed this feature.

And sure, some old plug ins will not work, but they could do a browser style plug in checker, which checks if your version works, and you could have a way to force them to work (or at least try to work) if it doesn't know (as is possible in browsers like Mozilla Firefox).

This would just make everything so much easier and smoother with every upgrade! And since all CC users are in Creative Cloud, they will getting all the new updates, and likely implementing them!

Please Adobe do something about Plug-In Management and do it soon!

VideoCopilot with Adobe Creative Cloud CC 2014, Element 3D not working yet

Update on VideoCopilot Software and Adobe Creative Cloud CC 2014. Looking over at the Forums, it seems that everything except Element 3D is working with Creative Cloud 2014. And according to Andrew Kramer's Twitter Feed, they are working on it.

With Red Giant working, and everything but Element 3D working, most of my plug ins are good. Now time to check on Re:Vision plug ins!

Red Giant Updates for Adobe Creative Cloud 2014

Luckily that didn't take long. Red Giant has updated all their software for Adobe Creative Cloud 2014.

Really many of the most important plug ins for After Effects. I use them every day!


Having a ton of issues installing Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 on my home computer, SugarSync again looks to be involved

Am having a ton of issues with installation of the latest and greatest update of Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 on my home computer. No problem at work. And I love how the new versions install as new Apps (though this of course creates plug in issues, and having to re-install plug ins to make them work), but it leaves the old version untouched, so you can keep working with old version on current projects.

Well first off I am still having issues with CS6 updates. I have 8 CS6 updates that just will not install. They error out every time, and I have even tried downloading the individual installers and running them, but they just won't update, and I am not sure why.

As for CC 2014, well first I have been getting a ShellExtLoader error message, and to quit the program to continue, but quitting the app using Activity Monitor kept the error coming. I think this is the fault of SugarSync, which I had forgotten to turn off. So after quitting SugarSync, I tried the installs again, but have kept getting failures on many apps, though not all of them. Really wish those two companies would get together and fix this issue, though I have been considering dropping SugarSync anyway, since it does not have the iOS interactivity of DropBox, and with iCloud looking to be improved with iOS8 and Yosemite, I might be able to replace a lot of it's functionality that way.

My final solution has been to quit Creative Cloud, then use XtraFinder to launch it as Root, and run the installs. This has mostly worked (had to do it a few times to get the installs working) and I think I am all installed except for the aforementioned CS6 apps.

And unfortunately Red Giant has not yet updated it's plugs ins for CC 2014 yet, so...

Lightworks has released a Mac Beta of it's free editing software!

Lightworks the open source editing software with a venerable history has now released a public beta of the Mac version of the software. It is version 12.0.a

Lightworks is free, though to get the Pro version, it is either $7.99 a month, $79.99 a year or you can buy it outwirght for $279.99. And for serious editing you will want this, since not only does it include other export optins, but it allows you to use Hardware I/O from BlackMagic, AJA or Matrox. It also allows project sharing and the ability to set project locations.

I have never tried lightworks, but need to give it a try. It certainly betrays it's feature editing roots in that it can only work with one frame rate for the whole project. So if you need to import footage of a different frame rate you will need to convert it first.

Lightworks includes a lot of videos on their web site to get to know the program and learn how to use it.

A free or at least inexpensive cross platform editor is a great thing, but I need to play before I see how it actually is.

Looks like a Bluetooth LE Adapter will not enable handoff in older Macs

MacRumors is reporting that Bluetooth LE Adapters do not add Handoff support to older Macs.

If this happens in the final release (which seems likely) it is really shitty of Apple, and just a way of trying to get users who want the feature to buy new Macs.

Especially annoying when something like the IOGEAR Bluetooth 4.0 USB Micro Adapter adds full Bluetooth LE support out of the box without software. So it looks like it is a physical lockout on the part of Apple on older machines instead of a technical issue.

Hopefully if it is the case someone will release a 3rd party hack that enables this very cool feature.

StudioDaily on Adobe Ink and Slide for iPad

StudioDaily has a great look at the now release $199 Ink and Slide by Adobe for iOS. The new Stylus's look very powerful, though a bit on the pricy side, and they work with new Adobe Apps, Adobe Sketch for sketching, Adobe Line for drafting and the new Photoshop Mix. And these apps are free so you can use them without Adobe's new physical tools.

StudioDaily has a first look at the new Adobe Creative Cloud Video Suite Features

StudioDaily has a great first look at the new features being released with the latest Creative Cloud release.

Effects Masking and Tracking within Premiere Pro sounds like an awesome addition, as are Master Clip effects, which will make color correction a breeze.

As for SpeedGrade the direct link to Premiere Pro feature where you actually open your timeline in SpeedGrade would seem to answer about half of my issues with SpeedGrade. Now they just need to get some curves going in there.

The ability to apply filters per mask in a layer will greatly speed up effects, and simplify timelines. And the Live templates features is very very cool. Where you can set text lines in After Effects to be editable by an editor within Premiere to quickly make lower thirds and the like based on a graphical template.

All in all it sounds great, and I hope the download is available soon!

What Machines will OS X Yosemite's Handoff work on?

Macgasm has a chart, and it shows may users won't be happy.

Handoff is the very cool new feature where with OS X Yosemite, you will be able to hand off things from iOS to your Mac, such as composing an e-mail or looking at a web page. And even answer phone calls from your cell phone via your mac and it's microphones.

That's a no for non 2013 MacPro's. Hopefully a 3rd Party bluetooth 4.9 adapter will solve that (or some 3rd party software), as it shouldn't matter if it is built in or via a 3rd party adapter. Or at least we can hope!

LaunchBar 6 has been released by Objective Development

Objective Development has updated their awesome all purpose launch for Mac OS X to version 6. This is an awesome program that allows you to launch applications or documents using keyboard shortcuts, but is smart and learns your shortcuts so you can quickly launch apps or do things on the computer with a few simple keystrokes. And you can do custom keyboard shortcuts for different thing, even launching an e-mail addressed to a specific person. It is $29 for a single user or $48 for a 5 user Family License.

The new version adds a new interface and themes, and is now extensible. You can do live searches of Google, Wikipedia, DuckDuckGo or It adds information browsing to items by hitting shift and the right arrow.

Personally I have replaced the command-space spotlight search with Launchbar (moving spotlight to ctr-space), and can hit a few simple keys to launch apps. Such as command-space ap to launch adobe photoshop. or command space apr to launch adobe premiere. It is an amazingly fast and versatile app.

Honestly it has so many features that I don't even know, but is worth it just for it's launching features. It will speed up your computer usage so much. Honestly I miss it whenever I am on a clients computer as it really speeds everything up. This is the power user app that you should really check out.

Got a new Puppy, Indiana Bones, so I may be posting less for a while, as she requires a lot of attention!

She is such a little cutie, but requires a lot of attention! She is a good girl though, and just too cute!

I grew up with a Shar Pei, Jabba the Mutt, so I had to get another one. Love that she came potty trained (or as the advertisement said Party Trained), but sure hope she starts learning other stuff soon! Come on Monk puppy training do your magic!

XtraFinder for OS X


I recently discovered Tran Ky Nam's XtraFinder for OS X.

It is a program that adds extra abilities to the OS X finder. It is intended to add tabs and control tabs within the finder, but since this has been added to Mavericks, it still has many other cool features.

Some of my favorites are recoloring the Finder Sidebar Icons, which I think makes them much easier to see.


Another really cool feature is adding back the full colored label to labels in OS X. Mavericks had changed this behavior to tags, so that there is only a tiny colored dot, but you can turn back on full colored tags which I think makes them much easier to spot.


You can also add items to finder menus:


Here is show hidden items:


And the ability to launch an application as root!


Overall a very cool finder extension, especially for the power user!


The Verge on the 22 most important things Apple Announced at the WWDC

The Verge has an excellent look at the 22 biggest things Apple announced at this years World Wide Developer Conference for OS 10.10 and iOS 8.

Still I was surprised not to see any big new product announcement. Not that what they announced wasn't cool, but a big new product announcement would certainly have driven up Apple's stock prices. Be it the iWatch, some home automation device, a new Apple TV with apps, or a MacPro with real expansion and NVIDIA graphics cards (HA, never happen, but one can dream). Something would have been great, and it will continue the talk that Tim Cook can't innovate until something new does get announced.

Still new features do sound great, especially extensibility in iOS. Lets hope that we can now set other apps as defaults, like you will be able to with 3rd party keyboards!

NVIDIA GTX Titan Z released

So NVIDIA's new flagship GeForce GTX Titan Z has been released, and as I have said before it is a beast! A dual Titan Card with 5760 CUDA cores! Damn I want to see how this would run on Premiere Pro. Probably only be able to use One Core for now, but if you could use the other to run your monitors, that would rock! Still $3000, youch!

Makes me want to build a PC for my next editing machine. Still can't believe the new MacPro's make me want a PC!

Video Copilot releases new free plug in Color Vibrance

Video Copilot has released another new plug in, and free. Color Vibrance does one thing, but it does it well and easily. Download it from there site.

I love how they will do a tutorial and realize they could create a tool to make it easier, then release it free. Awesome company!

2 Years since Open Heart Surgery!

Wow, it is the second anniversary of my open heart surgery! Can't believe it has been that long!

Doing great! Well everything except weight wise.

Walking every day at least 2.1 miles. And trying to get 10,000 steps a day. Also being doing some Kettlebells, but need to do more, though my chest gets sore if I use too much weight.

As for weight, I am still way too heavy. Was doing 8 hour diet, but have been doing warriors diet for some time. And while working it is easy. I don't eat till about 6:30 PM. And eat till about 8:30. The thing is on the weekend I often eat lunch with my wife, and don't eat salad like I do all week, and end up gaining weight, which it takes me all week to lose again. This has kept me between 230 and 235 pounds, though I have gotten down to 225, but weekend food doesn't help. Need to get down to at least 200!

After learning DaVinci Resolve, I decided to delve into Adobe SpeedGrade, so far I will be sticking with Resolve

After learning DaVinci Resolve, and being incredibly impressed with it, I decided to learn Adobe SpeedGrade for it's integration with Adobe Premiere Pro (my current choice of edit software), but so far I have been less than impressed.

First off with Resolve and a good NVIDIA Cuda card, the program works great with BlackMagic or AJA video cards, is rocket fast and you get a recreation of the timeline from your edit program, and can remove shots as needed, or do basic editing. And you have such a great collection of edit controls and presets.

With SpeedGrade you only get a single video track (or 3 if you have dissolves or transitions as it puts the a & B on different tracks and the transition in between). So you need to prep your sequence, and the send from Premiere is even weirder. Instead of using the original media files, it converts everything into uncompressed DPX image sequences, which will take up a huge amount of space (uncompressed files after all) and it bakes in any effects you applied into the clips. So it basically ignores the awesome Mercury playback Engine from premiere, and it's only real bonus is that your color correction returns to premiere as a filter applied to the clips.

You can work with original premiere pro clips, but not with the send from premiere command, instead you need to export and EDL from Premiere and import the clips into SpeedGrade that way.

And there there is the fact that it doesn't export video a monitor using Black Magic video cards, only AJA! This sucks. It should work with everything Premiere Pro does!

And as for the color correction, the lack of curves is inexcusable! Curves are such a powerful color corrector and Adobe needs to fix this right away.

I know Adobe purchased this program to compete with Apple Color (now defunct) and DaVinci Resolve and round out their suite, but I would rather see them base the whole program on the amazing Mercury Playback engine from Premiere Pro, instead of having this current attempt at integrating the two programs, which seems more like a cludge than reel integration. Yes, having the color correction return as plug in corrections is very very cool, but so far that is really the only thing cool i am seeing about SpeedGrade.

I have not fully explored or gotten proficient with the program, and I will report back once I have, but so far my initial impressions don't make me consider moving away from Resolve for my color correction needs.

PVC on the recent Adobe Cloud Outage and my thoughts

Scott Simmons at the Pro Video Coalition has a good article on the recent day long outage of Adobe Creative Cloud.

He does spend a little too much time on how many people he knows that weren't affected, because it is the people that were that are really important. And honestly Creative Cloud kicks me out of my login way too often for me to be comfortable, and in fact was even worse for a job I was on.

I have been trying to get convince my boss that the Adobe Creative Cloud is the way to go for Direct Response commercials. Which are very graphics heavy and usually shot in multiple formats and even frame rates. Well we have been trying out creative cloud in it's 30 day trial, and if it worked were going to get a month to month account for it on our machines, but unfortunately even time you open one of the demo version you must OK that you are using a trial and that did not work during the outage. And we couldn't upgrade to full version to get that working either. Not a good selling point for creative cloud.

My personal versions at home kept working as I was logged in and they continued working, but any down time because of Cloud computer can be catastrophic when media has been bought so an airdate is set.

Adobe needs to make some sort of backup system that allows you to keep working for a day or two until Adobe can get their servers back together!

This really isn't a good showing for subscription based software. Maybe there needs to be a way to keep it working for the whole period of the current subscription without checking in, and they need to keep Creative Cloud from accidentally logging your user out.

PVC on latest version of AVID Media Composer

Scott Simmons at the Pro Video Coalition has a great article on the latest version of AVID Media Composer that has just been released.

This is made mainly for the subscription model that AVID has moved to, but as a bonus they are letting existing users sign up for $299 a year for the support version which includes updates, and you can sign up for a year to get the latest versions at least through 2014, then it goes up to $1299 a year for the subscription with support.

This means for $299 you can get a year of updates for your current version, and hopefully get the next version of the software as well.

Oliver Peters at Digitalfilms has a great comparison of AVID Symphony, Adobe SpeedGrade, Davinci Resolve and Apple Color and my thoughts

Oliver Peters has posted an article with a great comparison of AVID Symphony, Adobe SpeedGrade, Davinci Resolve and Apple Color.

Personally I have been spending a lot of time with Davinci Resolve of late. With a proper video card it is really an awesome program, and is certainly my current choice for color correction. It is fast and easy to use and does a very good job.

The other interest is SpeedGrade which I am learning, mainly because of it's ability to roundtrip a grade to Premiere Pro and put it on clips as a single filter on each clip. A very cool feature, but the program needs some work before it can really compete with Resolve. First off it needs support for Black Magic cards instead of just AJA cards. If Premiere Pro can do it, Resolve needs to do it. And second it really does need curves. Curves are such a powerful color correction method that many have come to rely on, and not having them seems a huge failing. Other issues I have are it's abilities with multitrack video are limited, and I have just gotten so used to nodal vs layer based correcting, though that is certainly not going to change. SpeedGrade is powerful and does work well with Premiere, but needs to get some updates to be able to really rival Davinci even with it's ability export it's grades as color correction filters into Premiere.
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