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GoPro Introduces Hero 4 Cameras


GoPro has introduced the new Hero4 Cameras in Black and Silver Editions for $499.99 and $399.99. The Black shoots in 4K at 30FPS or 1080 at 120FPS, wow! And the Silver shoots at 1080 60p or 120P with a touch control LCD view screen! Let's hope the Hero 5 combines both into one unit, as that would be awesome!!! They release on October 5th.

Would love the 120 FPS, and 4K, but the touch screen would be amazing too.

ARRI announces the Alexa 65mm 6.5K camera

RedShark has extensive news on this new Rental Only beast of a camera.

I still don't think this will kill film as we have many filmmakers who will stubbornly stick with film, even when do effects films, but with their experience not only with their gorgeous Alexa cameras, but in making 65mm cameras, this should be a very impressive camera. And I love that the lenses for it also give metadata, which can be used for remote lens control or the creation of accurate virtual lenses (looks like the AC's job is easier now if the data is in the file already). Of course Hasselblad lenses, rental only and 2.6 terabytes an hour of data at full resolution means you will need a serious pipeline to deal with this in post!

Apple launches iCloud 4 for Windows, but still no access to iCloud Drive for Mac!


Yes, Apple has released iCloud version 4 for Windows, which allows access to the new iCloud Drive
. iCloud Drive will let you actually see a file system on iCloud and let you access documents from other apps, instead of having every app in it's own little world.

You can activate it when you install iOS 8 on any of your devices, but if you do you lose access to iCloud from your Mac, but no longer from Windows! I know this will be integrated with Mac OS Yosemite, but if they can so easily add it to Windows, they could add it to Mavericks, especially since it is on in iOS 8!

This is just like Apple releasing a plug in for windows to sync iCloud bookmarks with Chrome and Firefox and Internet Explorer, but not giving the same thing for Mac! I know there is no Safari for Windows anymore, but many Mac users hate Safari on Mac and use Chrome or Firefox, so this would be very useful. Especially since always have issues with X-Marks messing up my Safari bookmarks (or at least causing the iCloud version of bookmarks to get messed up).

Come Apple lets see iCloud Drive and iCloud Bookmarks for Mavericks right now!

1Password for iOS 8 is out and Free to use with a Pro Paid Upgrade

1Password 5 for iOS 8 has been released with Browser plug in support. And it is now Free to use, though requires a paid upgrade of $9.99 to Pro for some important features.

    •    Create the full range of items including Bank Accounts, Email Accounts, Memberships, Passports, Reward Programs, Wireless Routers, Software Licenses, and many more.
    •    Organize your items with folders and tags.
    •    Create and add Multiple Vaults.
    •    Add custom fields to all items.
    •    Support a great company with world-class human-powered customer service that loves you. Yes, including you.

Still the new features alone make me think that SplashID may be on it's way out as my Password manager of choice:

  •     App Extensions – Use 1Password to log into a growing list of your favorite apps and even update your passwords—all with just a tap!
  •     Safari + 1Password – You read that right. Just like our in-app 1Browser, you can now fill 1Password Logins directly within Safari! Ooh, speaking of thumbs…
  •     Unlock with Touch ID – After unlocking with your Master Password, get back into your vault in 1Password, Safari, and your favorite apps with just your thumb on devices with Touch ID. Check Settings > Security to learn how this works and pick your auto-lock time.
  •     Sync now goes to 11 – We rebuilt iCloud sync using Apple’s new CloudKit and it is awesome. Wi-Fi Sync will be automatic and sync attachments with the forthcoming 1Password 5 for Mac, and it’s just plain also awesomer.
  •     Adaptive UI – Whether you’re on an iPhone 4S, iPad Air, or a brand new iPhone 6 Plus, 1Password’s interface is dressed for the occasion.
  •     So much more – Resume editing items after unlocking 1Password. A brand new Welcome Aboard process makes it even easier to set sail with 1Password. Backup restoration has you covered. And all that is just page one.

And to have the browser extensions choice is just awesome. Now I just wish my iPhone 5C and iPad AIR had Touch ID for unlocking!

LastPass for iOS 8 is out now!

LastPass is first out of the gate with LastPass for iOS 8 with Browser Plug in Support! AWESOME!

And 1Password for iOS is currently FREE, and we know they will also have iOS 8 Plug In Support soon.

Leaving only SplashID with only an iOS 8 iOS app in the works, but no mention of plug in support.

So far LastPass has taken the lead by releasing the morning before iOS 8. Still think I may try out 1Password and see how well it takes my SplashID data though.

SplashID 8 announced, no iOS plug in support mentioned...

SplashID has announced that Version 8 is coming soon, according to their blog.

And they list the new features:

- Brand new optimized apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and the web
- Updated UI enabling more functionality on a single screen
- Advanced list view
- Automatic backup feature
- New full featured browser plug-ins for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
- Security dashboard featuring alerts and one step fixes for outdated passwords, weak passwords, and duplicated passwords

No mention is made of iOS 8 Plug In. And if that is the case, both LastPass and 1Password will be having that as a feature, and if that is the case it looks like I might be changing password managers!

Honestly I am kind of excited about 1Password not being cloud based at all, so that might just be what I move to, because I would like to have most of my data off the cloud, but I do use LastPass a lot, so I might move to 1Password and LastPass instead of SplashID and LastPass as I currently use. I like the idea of having one completely offline, that syncs via the computer to my iOS devices. And if 1Password works well maybe I will consider giving up on LastPass altogether, though I do love it's security checks.

AVID Announced 4K and Resolution Independence at IBC

Scott Simmons at the Pro Video Coalition has the story. 4K, resolution independence, a new compression format DNxHR, LUTs as timeline effects, and the ability export projects as DPX Also coming soon is Background Rendering, Favorite Bins and Search Across Bins for Markers.

The funny part being you need a third party video card to do 2K or 4K, since no AVID hardware can do that (and honestly they should move software only and work more with AJA, BlackMagic and Matrox)

And it is a good thing too. With Adobe offering up Updates in their Creative Cloud very quickly, and it is great to see AVID finally getting on that bandwagon, which they should since they are now subscription based as well.

RedShark on all BlackMagic Designs announcements from IBC 2014

RedShark has an article on all of BlackMagic Designs exciting new announcements from IBC 2014.

My personal favorites are:

DaVinci Resolve 11.1 is out now.

And BlackMagic has purchased Eyeon Software the maker of Fusion the high end digital compositing, visual effects and Motion Graphics Software! Wow, and lets hope they do to it exactly what they have been doing with Resolve, make it better, and cheaper than ever! Let's hope they eventually have a free version with full Resolve back and forth for an amazing new free or affordable compositing program! And lets hope for a Mac version very soon!

Fusion looks insane. Node based, but their Sizzle Reel stills looks very very complicated!

It supposedly already supports CUDA for acceleration so it sounds like a great fit with Resolve.

Info on Eyeon is available at the Eyeon Web Site.

PVC on Canon EOS 7D Mark II and it's video capabilities.

Jose Antunes at the Pro Video Coalition has more on the newly announced Canon EOS 7D Mark II and especially focusing on it's video capabilities.

Basically saying it is a baby EOS 1D X without 4K capabilities, but with the ability to record in MOV or MP4 and 3 compression settings, either IBP, ALL-I or Light IPB.

Very exciting for video, and can't wait to see what Magic Lantern can do with it.

Canon announces EOS 7D Mark II

Canon Rumors has the story on this impressive new camera.

20.2 Megapixel APS-C Camera with up to 16000 ISO with CF and SD, and USB 3 as well as GPS.

PVC on Premiere Pro CC 2014.1

Scott Simmons has a great in depth article on the new features announced in the upcoming Premiere Pro CC 2014.1 Update. He also links to Dave Hemley's 28 minute discussion on the new features, which I have included.

Some of my thoughts on features I had missed.

•I didn't see the changeable Font Size for bins, but it makes a lot of sense, especially for HiDPI monitors.

•And being able to open Sequences from other projects without importing them is pretty huge as well.

•Bezier in tracking is a much needed addition.

Very exciting. Honestly they can't get this out fast enough!

The Apple Watch has been Announced along with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Apple has announced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the bigger and biggest versions and with more storage coming out September 19th (with iOS 8 on September 18th), moving the iPhone 5S to the low end, and the iPhone 5C 8 GB for Free! Love the 1080 diplay on the big one, but think it is going to be way too big. Apple Pay sounds great, but I won't have a new iPhone for a while, so I am excited it works with the Apple Watch.

And even more exciting is the Apple Watch. As a Pebble and FitBit user I am very excited. It has a digital crown to help navigate without covering the display. As well as the inductive charging to leave this waterproof (my biggest FitBit complaint). And I love the changeable watch bands! And 2 Watch sizes and 3 types, the Watch in Stainless, The Sport in stronger aluminum or the Watch Edition in gold for the high end. And having siri on watch is pretty cool.

I am most excited for fitness and workout apps. Actually the workout seems more exciting, as it does your specific workouts, vs just overall daily activity. The integration with healthkit will be great though, especially if it also works with fitbit or other health trackers, so you can see your friends on other devices (as I love seeing how my mom does on fitbit, which is usually much better than me). And having the heartbeat monitor is also very exciting.

And Apple TV control is very cool, since it will be on your wrist already.

Expensive though at $349 to start in early 2015.


Too bad apple screwed up the stream so much! Couldn't watch it on my Apple TV, and it started with Chinese translation overlayed, and it keeps stopping and starting! Bad job Apple.

Adobe After Effects CC 2014.1 Announced

Adobe has announced Adobe After Effects CC 2014.1 otherwise known as version 13.1.

• Of course it has HiDPI support with an enhanced User interface!
• Copy with Relative Property Links
•Color management for Dynamic Link to fix color shifts, WOOHOO
•Maxon Cineware version 2.0 and Maxon Cinema 4D Lite R16 (for compatibility, though likely none of the new features of the pay version) with a collect files feature
•GoPro support

Sounds exciting, lets hope they get it in our hands quick!

Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014.1 announced

Adobe has announced Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014.1

Yes it has HiDPI support and a refined user interface.

It has Destination Publishing, so you can have it deliver as it encodes.

Watch folders for encoding.

Better Match source support, and rewrap for MXF.

Multiplexing during encoding, and GoPro Support.

Sounds great!

Adobe Audition 2014.1 announced

Adobe has announced Adobe Audition 2014.1.

HiDPI support, a new UI, better video import, better playback, faster launch and better import.

An updated Speech Volume Leveler tool and you can set a Target Dynamic Range.

Adobe Premiere Pro 2014.1 announced

Adobe has announced the next version of Adobe Premiere Pro 2014.1.

It will have search bins that you can keep, advanced timeline search, and Multiple Project Workflows, where you can have different projects open in the Media Browser, instead of having to just import other projects! AWESOME!

There is now a Consolidate and Transcode, as well as a Render and Replace for After Effects Dynamically Linked in your sequence where you can still return to the original media or comp at any time! SO MUCH BETTER!

It works with GoPro CineForm and AJA RAW.

Masking and Tracking has been sped up and better Master Clip Effects.

Also better send to Audition and AAF Export.

And of course HiDPI monitor support.

Honestly I can't wait!


What's coming in Adobe SpeedGrade CC 2014.1, it answers most of my issues

The Adobe SpreedGrade Blog has info on the next version of Adobe SpeedGrade Creative Cloud 2014.1.

And it answers most of my problems with SpeedGrade that I have been complaining about, though a problem with multiclips isn't mentioned (and I will talk more about it later).

The coolest feature is the addition of CURVES, which I have talked about! Woohoo. Curves are such a fast and easy way to quickly do a correct on an image and it will soon be here!

The Second is BlackMagic support, not just AJA anymore! NICE!

Also there is layer based grouping to easily work on effects.

They also have added across the Video Suite support for HiDPI displays, which is great, though without much support for HiDPI monitors, it won't affect too many.

Audio is now supported for DIrect Link, for easier sync to audio cues, which is great.

Let's hope this comes out soon!

The only issue that they still need to work on is multi angle clips. I have been working with them in Premiere Pro and while you can color correct them, the plug-in doesn't show up in Premiere Pro, so you can't turn off the correction there as you can with other clips. They need to fix this soon, and lets hope they did in this version, though I am not holding my breath.

LastPass for iOS 8 Announced


LastPass has announced LastPass as a Safari Plug In for iOS 8. So you can access your vault and fill in passwords right from within Safari in iOS 8! AWESOME!

So about my Password Managers question. The $12 a year LastPass will now work within iOS browsers!

Still want to see what SplashiD does, though I am still considering moving everything over to 1Password as I can keep all my passwords away from the cloud that way. Just don't trust internet security at all anymore, though at least I do use 2 step authentication where I can.

The BBC has adopted Final Cut Pro X for News Gathering

FCP.CO has the story. And Big news for Apple and Final Cut Pro X to have moved the entire BBC News Pipeline to Final Cut Pro X.

Still pretty surprising to me, as I know Final Cut Pro X has really grown as a program, but things like Adobe Anywhere seem perfect for news, as you can edit remotely without having the media locally, which seems huge for news organizations, but I guess they like the Speed and Power of FCP X.

I still don't like it, mainly because of it's timeline, because I do graphics heavy shows and I like to have my timeline very organized so things are easy to swap out or turn on and off with ease, but it isn't like you are going back and doing different versions of pieces for news, so the organization might not be quite as important for that.

CGMeetup on Maxon Cinema 4D release 16 New Features

Jason at CGMeetup has a great article on Cinema 4D Release 16's New Features.

Wish I could afford the full version as I have the lite version from After Effects, which does not get the updates like this, but have been very impressed with the speed and Power of Cinema 4D, and love it's integration with After Effects.

PVC on Comparing 3D Type options for After Effects

Rich Young a the Pro Video Coalition has an article to check out on 3D Type in After Effects.

Red Giant Updates Universe to 1.2


Red Giant has updated it's new realtime effects plug in system Universe to 1.2
with 3 new free effects and 6 new Pro effects, as well as Native Style Effects. You can get Universe from Red Giant for free, or with a subscription for Premium, or a lifetime payout.

Check out the new features and plugs in in the video here.

What's new in Universe 1.2 from Red Giant on Vimeo.

I have been very impressed with Universe so far. And am looking forward to trying out the free Exposure Blur Effect as a transition in After Effects. And CrumblePop Half Light for the Pro section, which has light leak effects.

Password Managers for Mac and iOS future features

I have been a long time user of Password managers, just for the convenience. And with internet security crumbling around us, we might need them even more. I actually use 2 password managers, but might have to consider changing up based on future features, many of which have been announced.

Now about the two programs I use and why.


For web browser based password management I have used LastPass for years. Now Cloud based security has always scared me, but they use plug in based encryption, and 2 Step Verification (I used Google Authenticator to get a second password to log in). It is a great paid service (yearly fee) and offers security checks on passwords and warns of security breaches, but the interface is a bit archaic, and it does seem to have many problems with ending up with many different password entries for many web sites, and it can be hard to tell which one is correct. It has an iOS APP, but doesn't integrate with iOS Safari as it does with browsers on Android, so I don't like it's interface, and use another solution. I do already use it's sister app Xmarks to sync bookmarks though so I have always gotten a discount for both!


For an iOS and Mac based password manager I used Spashdata's Splash ID Safe. It has Mac and Windows based apps, as well as iOS Android and many other apps. I went with Splash ID as I had been using their apps since old Palm Pilot days. Now originally you could buy Splash ID and it synced via iTunes sync (or Android syncing) to your phone, and kept in sync with your computer with your passwords. It never had problems with multiple entries as it did not work as a browser based system, so you enter everything, and can organize it easily as you see fit. And yes I do enter all my passwords in it, and then let LastPass also have my passwords. Of course now it has moved to a cloud based system, though you can chose to not go cloud, but to sync between devices you need Cloud, which I have always felt it was less secure, but now it has 2 pass verification, but I still prefred to have something online.


Now there has been a 3rd solution for a long time, which I do not use which is 1Password. It is browser, App and Phone based, kind of combining 1Pass and SplashiD safe (i now LastPass has iOS and Android apps, but I never liked it much, and the iOS one can't integrate with your browser anyway, though it can on android) but without the cloud based solutions, so it is more secure, though less portable to say a work computer. Still this does mean more security, which I do like, and it can do iCloud, Dropbox or WIFI only sync.

Anyway, the reason I am writing this is because of future features of these apps, because I saw an article on MacStories about how 1Password iOS App is adding Extension for the future iOS 8 which will make it work within iOS Safari to both recall and generate passwords! This would make it the best overall all around Password manager around, so I am going to look into it, but SplashData is going to be adding features too.

According to SpashData's SplashID Safe Blog, SplashID 8 is coming soon. It is updating the apps and making the UI even better, with automatic backup, new plug-ins for Chrome, Safari and Firefox to make it fully browser usable, and with a security feature to alert and one step fix compromised, outdated, weak and duplicate passwords, which would be awesome! My only question is if it will also do an iOS 8 Extension so it works with Mobile Safari?

(A quick little update on 1Password, it seems they have a new feature called Watchtower that checks for site vulnerabilities and warns you about weak, duplicate and compromised, much like SplashID's new feature, though it does not as of yet add one step fixing as far as I know.)

So what to do? Hmmm, not sure yet, but I am going to research 1Password, and see if I can easily move to it, but wait to see about SplashID, because it would be great to be able to move to a single Password manager I can sue across all devices!

Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Speedgrade my first experience


I recently spent the time to get decent at DaVinci Resolve, and really enjoyed it. It is a powerful and impressive grading program, and I will certainly be making extensive use of it in the future. I of course have Adobe SpeedGrade though, as it is part of the Adobe Suite, and with the latest version of Creative Cloud 2014 it has not only allowed for your whole timeline to translate over to SpeedGrade (it used to only take on track at a time), but it also applies the looks that you create almost instantly back into Premiere Pro and puts them on the clips as Lumetri Filter FX that play back in reel time on most clips, and mean you don't have to render out the clips as new clips, you can have your Color correct attached to the original clips! Not only that you can always go back and edit the effects in SpeedGrade at any time! THIS IS AWESOME!

And it works great, at least in initial testing! I was able to quickly come up with a pretty good grade, and quickly send it back to Premiere Pro where it was put back onto the original clips in the sequence! Wow! And I love the new Master Clips setting, which lets you set a grade for every instance of a source in the timeline, what a time saver!

I have to admit SpeedGrade is a little quirky though. It doesn't handle dual monitors well, not letting you split parts of it's interface off at all (which meant my scopes were too small). And it basically has no menus everything being in the interface, which seems very un-Adobe like. Not too hard to use once you learn the basics, but certainly confusing for a beginner.

And I hate the lack of Curves. Sure you can go in and you have 9 levels of control over individual luminance levels of an image and can do different color effects to each, and that is certainly powerful and has it's place, but curves such a quick and easy way of control the look of a whole image at once, that it would be a very powerful addition to SpeedGrade.

The other would be support for more than just AJA Video Output. They need to get BlackMagic support in their as more places have the less expensive alternative to AJA. And you really need video output to get a great grade.

Still, even with these issues I would consider using SpeedGrade for grading with Premiere Pro because it is so easy to do, and just have the grade within Premiere Pro, easily changeable and easily removable. For now I will still go with DaVinci for things that need reel precision, as it works with Black Magic (and that is what most machines I work on use) and has curves, and even some editing functionality, but the integration with Premiere Pro means that I will be turning to Adobe SpeedGrade for much of my color grading needs!

More on After Effects Creative Cloud issues with Warp Stabilizer Background Processing

This morning I re-installed After Effects, though it said it failed on aeselflink being open, but when I forced quit it it still would not finish install. I restarted and started after effects again. And this time Warp Stabilizer worked on 5 out of 6 clips. Quickly working in under a minute per clip, but on the last clip, aeselflink crashed again, and once again I can't get Warp Stabilizer to work in After Effects. Frustrating! Especially when it works just find in Premiere Pro.

And zero responses on Adobe Forums.

My Adobe Forums Post on After Effects Creative Cloud issues with Warp Stabilizer Background Processing

So I made a post at the Adobe Forums to see if I can get any help, you can check it out here.

I tried the second solution from Adobe Forums here as well, and am down to these quicktime components.


And interestingly I didn't see any not responding in the Activity Monitor,


but I still got the DynamicLink Server timeout.


And the Analysis never started. Very frustrating!

Trouble with After Effects Creative Cloud issues with Warp Stabilizer Background Processing Continues

OK, more on the problem.

First off I got After Effects to open after one crash after one crash (you can see the crash log in TXT form here). I re-opened the project, which was created via dynamic link from a sequence in Premiere Pro, though has since been relinked to the the ProRES footage I created. I tried re-starting the Warp Stabilizer analysis, and again it just gave me initializing.


And the blue was frozen on the image:


I checked Activity Monitor and 2 Adobe Processes are not responding, The Adobe QT32 Server and the aeselflink.


And after a minute I got the following error message:


Strangely when I try Warp Stabilizer in Premiere Pro it processes in less than a minute per clip, working just fine in the background, but it does not work at all in After Effects.

I have run permission repairs with both Disk Utility and Onyx, with a full user permissions reset, but that did nothing. Nor did using Onyx to run the daily, weekly and monthly scripts and cleaning out the Caches.

I am going to post on the Adobe Forums now, and see if I can get any help there. This is really frustrating!

Having After Effects Creative Cloud issues with Warp Stabilizer Background Processing Trouble

Shot some test footage of my puppy Indiana Bones yesterday, and wanted to process it. Was trying to use the Warp Stabilizer Effect in CC 2014 on about 7 clips I shot yesterday on Canon 60D, and ran into the issue where the background processing would not work in After Effects. It just got to initializing, and nothing every happened.

At first I thought it might be having trouble with the Long GOP files from the 60D, so I converted everything to ProRes HQ, but that didn't help at all. I then saved the project down to just CC and tried it there, but am having the exact same issue.

I tried to find solutions on the Adobe forums, and saw it could be Firewall or issues with Virus Protection or Port blocking software, but I am running none of that on this machine, so that isn't it. I also saw a post about logging out of creative cloud and back in and it would install a new version of creative cloud, but it just logged me back in, with no new version, and didn't solve any of the possible folder permission errors it was supposed to fix.

I tried deleting the opm.db file at ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE/opm.db, but that just left Creative Cloud with a spinning beach ball, so that is no good.


Now I am re-downloading and re-installing the Creative Cloud app to see if that helps. Anyone else think the new adobe site is much harder to navigate? Took me a while to find the Creative Cloud desktop app download (
it can currently be found here).

OK, re-installed the Creative Cloud desktop app and it let me log in easily and am booting After Effects CC 2014. Will report on how it goes.

VFXER reviews Zaxwerks ProAnimator 8

VFXER has a great new review of the new Zaxwerks ProAnimator 8. It is a good review and does the comparisons with Element 3D and Cinema 4D.

Here is the first video from Zaxwerks on new features. And it seems that the newest feature is speed, as they say fast many many many times in the video! And it does look fast even with Ray Tracing turned on, which Element 3D cannot do.

And the Shadows sounds great, as you don't get shadows from Element 3D, and it includes Lens Flares and Lighting Rigs within the plug in (or stand alone app) which you need Optical Flares to do this with Element 3D.

Honestly I had written off 3D Invigorator Pro as soon as I tried out Element 3D, as it was just so much easier to use and more powerful and quick. And I like how Element 3D integrates the 3D so well into After Effects 3D world (which it looks like it still does better), but this version is the first to impress me in a while. The biggest issue for me is price. $399 is more than basic Element 3D and Optical Flares from VideoCopilot. And even the $149 upgrade price seems a bit steep. And I don't know that I need it now that I have element 3D and can use Cinema 4D within after effects. Still looks like the upgrade they should have done long ago!

Larry Jordan on why Final Cut Pro 7 editors should consider Adobe Premiere Pro CC and some of my thoughts

Larry Jordan has a very informative and in depth article on why Final Cut Pro 7 Editors should consider Premiere Pro.

I long ago made the switch on my personal system, and am starting to see companies move away from Final Cut Pro 7.

I know that Trailer Park made the move fully to AVID Media Composer for all of it's bays, but they have graphics departments, so you basically are only cutting graphics into your edit there. And I have heard rumored that it is the studios forcing many companies to move to AVID. I actually wonder if they are getting kickbacks or if it is just older people more familiar with AVID? It is a rock solid system, but it seems so dated compared to Premiere Pro which I would say is a much more modern editing software.

As for Direct Response Beach Body made the move to Premiere Pro, which to me only makes sense for Graphics Heavy projects. Especially with a fast video card.
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