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Red Giant Updates Universe to 1.3 with 6 new Free and 7 New Premium Effects!

Red Giant has updated Universe to 1.3!

The Premium effects seem awesome, especially fixing gopro and the the very cool lookin VHS effect.

Element 3D V2 from Video Copilot will release December 2nd!

Video Copilot has announced that their Element 3D V2 will release on December 2nd! They will also be releasing Pro Shaders 2 with 2K Maps and Motion Design 2 Model Pack!

So looking forward to checking this one out. I love Element 3D, it is so fast and easy to use.


Apple OS X Yosemite Kills 3rd Party SSD Support!

This is huge news that is all over the internet, it seems that Apple with OS X Yosemite has removed support for third party SSD in OS X 10.10 Yosemite. If you are using it as a boot drive with TRIM enabled (which cleans up garbage on an SSD) it will not boot of of it. This is due to a security update called KEXT SIGNING. It is possible to disable KEXT SIGNING, but if you do it does it across the board and not just for TRIM and will leave your system insecure.

Now this doesn't affect may except power users, and neither does it affect SSD's from Other World Computing, which do not need TRIM to work correctly.

I wonder what this means for Hackintosh's? Probably means turning off KEXT SIGNING.

I have always waned to upgrade my old MacPro to SSD to speed it up, but just couldn't afford it. I was thinking a Sonnet Tech Temp SSD Pro Plus 6 Gb/s Host, and one 6 GB 480gb Mercury Extreme Pro 480 GB, but that would be around $700, but would leave room for a second SSD. It would be a pain to move everything from my personal drive to a second drive, but I think not only would the SSD speed things up, but it would be great to start with a fresh system again, as my system has some serious issues that a fresh install would likely fix.

Still not something that is going to happen any time soon.

BlackMagic Design releases Fusion for Windows for Free or $995 for Studio Version!

BlackMagic Design has done it again, and they have released their recently Purchased Fusion compositing program for free or $995 for the Studio Version with advanced 3D tools, OpenFX plug In support and unlimited distributed rendering.

Awesome news, and I would love to learn this. Going to give me a reason other than gaming to fire up BootCamp and boot into Windows 8 on my Mac, because since learning Shake back in the day I have loved Nodal compositing software. And the true 3D compositing and even 3D model rendering all in one will be pretty amazing.

PVC on wringing new life out of an old Mac Pro Tower

Scott Simmons at the Pro Video Coalition takes a look at extending the life of the old Mac Pro Tower.

I have been trying to do the same with mine. Have not yet been able to afford an SSD boot drive, or an NVIDIA K5000 (though I do have a PC GTX 670), and have added USB 3.

Would love to have an expansion chassis, but it almost begs the question of is it worth it to stay Mac. I would love to be able to get a MacBook Pro to keep me Mac and then build a huge PC tower with all the expansion and ports I will ever need. Thunderbolt is great, but it is expensive, and not as fast as PCI, and I would rather have all the internal storage I could have than have to get external storage.
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PVC on Free Models for Element 3D from Topher Welsh

Rich Young at the ProVideoCoalition has linked to some articles on getting free Models for Video Copilots Element 3D.

Awesome. I love Element 3D and free Models are always a good thing!

FitBit will not be integrating with Apple HealthKit and it's Health App

Well it seems that FitBit will not be integrating it's Fitness data with the newly released Apple Health App via HealthKit.

You can see this very commented post at Fitbit's Forums, where FitBit gives the following statment:

 Status: Reviewed By Moderator
We do not currently have plans to integrate with HealthKit.

It is an interesting new platform and we will watch as it matures, looking for opportunities to improve the Fitbit experience. At the moment, we’re working on other exciting projects that we think will be valuable to users. The question we want you to keep in mind when providing feedback is: What do you imagine a HealthKit integration would entail and what do you expect to get out of it?

Your voices are being heard. We're actively reviewing your responses and providing feedback to our product development team.

Now they say they are listening and want to your feedback, but there are already 32 pages of feedback of people wanting this integration, and they do say they have no plans to integrate with HealthKit.

FitBit does have a $49.99 a year premium service called Benchmark to get better info on your fitness data, so they want to make money off of your data, but they already offer free integration with Microsoft's Health Vault, which negates any argument about having to pay to access your data how you want to.

Health and HealthKit are one of the most exciting new features of the recently released iOS 8. It is a new central repository for your health data, that eventually will even be able to pass information to your doctor if something changes with your health. It is meant to not only work with the new Apple Watch, but with other fitness trackers and devices. And Apple even showed the FitBit app in their presentation, hoping that Fitbit would integrate.

Now I have been a FitBit user from the beginning, with an original, a One and a Force (which I returned because it was giving me a rash) and an Aria for weight, and got a FitBit for my mom as well. So I have been a very good customer. And I have even been saving my refund check for my Force to see what FitBit would be replacing it with, but this makes me think I would be better off putting that money into an Apple Watch.

I have been quite excited by the Apple Watch as it is a Fitness tracker and also a replacement for my Pebble Watch, but the one day battery life and lack of waterproofing has me quite nervous, but the Fitibt Force was not WaterProof and neither is the One.

So maybe it is time to start thinking about moving away from Fitbit. I could sell my One and my Aria and get an Apple Watch and either an iHealth Lite or iHealth Body Analysis Scale (iHealth already has HealthKit intergation from their 4 apps and 9 devices!).

FitBit really needs to get on the ball here or they are going to lose a lot of customers who don't want to be stuck only within their ecosystem.

Adobe releases Adobe Prelude CC 2014.1

Adobe has released Adobe Prelude CC 2014.1, you can check out the new features here.

Adobe releases Adobe CC Plus CC 2014.1

Adobe has updated Adobe Story Plus Creative Cloud 2014.1 with new features.

The Libraries Panel in Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC

Julieanne Kost's Blog at Adobe has a great article on the Libraries Panel in Photoshop CC.

I really didn't realize this feature was in there, or how powerful it is, especially with syncing across your creative cloud accounts and Photoshop and Illustrator. Now they really need to add this panel into After Effects, as there are elements I would love to be able to use across all apps.

Adobe has released Audition 2014.1

Adobe has released Audition Creative Cloud 2014.1.

You can check out the new features at the link.

Adobe has released Photoshop CC 2014.2

Adobe has released Photoshop Creative Cloud 2014.2!

I am most excited about improved Guides, which can create guides from selected layers! And Overscroll, so you can go past the image when it is in full view! And I like that Adobe Color (formerly Kuler) is now integrated!

Adobe has released After Effects CC 2014.1

Adobe has released Adobe After Effects Creative Cloud 2014.1! You can check out this post from Todd Kopriva on the new features.

I love how fast they are updating the Creative Cloud suite. This is how editing software should be. It should constantly get better, and with Adobe it really is!

Adobe SpeedGrade CC 2014.1 Released!

Adobe released Adobe SpeedGrade CC 2014.1 today!

I have been excited for this, especially for finally having BlackMagic I/O support, as most places I work use BlackMagic cards, so this really lets me use it as a solution. And having audio playback is huge as well as you can color via cues.

I am looking forward to seeing how multiclip works. This was my other big issue with SpeedGrade, as you can grade multiclip clips in Speedgrade, but the grade didn't show up in Premiere Pro, which is a huge issue, so lets hope this fixes that. (I will let you know when I check it).

Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014.1 Released

Adobe has released Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014.1. Always great to have a new version, and the new interface for the video suite looks great!

Adobe Updated and added to it's iOS Mobile Apps

Adobe has completely updated it's line up of Mobile Apps. Including Adobe Premiere Clip for Editing and Adobe Voice for creating animated videos from Lightroom, and Adobe Illustrator Draw and Line apps. And the new Adobe Shape to create custom Vector Shapes.

Very cool. If only their pen and ruler were less than $200. I still wish I had the Wacom tablet, though really it needs a new version, but maybe the Wacom pen would be great.

Adobe releases Premiere Pro CC 2014.1

Adobe has released Premiere Pro CC 2014.1.

Awesome. This release includes Search Bins, Timeline Search, Multiple Project Workflows, Source Monitor Timeline View and Consolidate and Transcode. You can see all the new features at their blog post.

Personally I like the ability to have 4 font size choices, though I kind of wish their was a smaller one than their is. And assignable Marker colors is great.

And it looks great. The darker look and flat effects look awesome. Looking forward to learning the ins and outs of the new features.

GoPro Introduces Hero 4 Cameras


GoPro has introduced the new Hero4 Cameras in Black and Silver Editions for $499.99 and $399.99. The Black shoots in 4K at 30FPS or 1080 at 120FPS, wow! And the Silver shoots at 1080 60p or 120P with a touch control LCD view screen! Let's hope the Hero 5 combines both into one unit, as that would be awesome!!! They release on October 5th.

Would love the 120 FPS, and 4K, but the touch screen would be amazing too.

ARRI announces the Alexa 65mm 6.5K camera

RedShark has extensive news on this new Rental Only beast of a camera.

I still don't think this will kill film as we have many filmmakers who will stubbornly stick with film, even when do effects films, but with their experience not only with their gorgeous Alexa cameras, but in making 65mm cameras, this should be a very impressive camera. And I love that the lenses for it also give metadata, which can be used for remote lens control or the creation of accurate virtual lenses (looks like the AC's job is easier now if the data is in the file already). Of course Hasselblad lenses, rental only and 2.6 terabytes an hour of data at full resolution means you will need a serious pipeline to deal with this in post!

Apple launches iCloud 4 for Windows, but still no access to iCloud Drive for Mac!


Yes, Apple has released iCloud version 4 for Windows, which allows access to the new iCloud Drive
. iCloud Drive will let you actually see a file system on iCloud and let you access documents from other apps, instead of having every app in it's own little world.

You can activate it when you install iOS 8 on any of your devices, but if you do you lose access to iCloud from your Mac, but no longer from Windows! I know this will be integrated with Mac OS Yosemite, but if they can so easily add it to Windows, they could add it to Mavericks, especially since it is on in iOS 8!

This is just like Apple releasing a plug in for windows to sync iCloud bookmarks with Chrome and Firefox and Internet Explorer, but not giving the same thing for Mac! I know there is no Safari for Windows anymore, but many Mac users hate Safari on Mac and use Chrome or Firefox, so this would be very useful. Especially since always have issues with X-Marks messing up my Safari bookmarks (or at least causing the iCloud version of bookmarks to get messed up).

Come Apple lets see iCloud Drive and iCloud Bookmarks for Mavericks right now!

1Password for iOS 8 is out and Free to use with a Pro Paid Upgrade

1Password 5 for iOS 8 has been released with Browser plug in support. And it is now Free to use, though requires a paid upgrade of $9.99 to Pro for some important features.

    •    Create the full range of items including Bank Accounts, Email Accounts, Memberships, Passports, Reward Programs, Wireless Routers, Software Licenses, and many more.
    •    Organize your items with folders and tags.
    •    Create and add Multiple Vaults.
    •    Add custom fields to all items.
    •    Support a great company with world-class human-powered customer service that loves you. Yes, including you.

Still the new features alone make me think that SplashID may be on it's way out as my Password manager of choice:

  •     App Extensions – Use 1Password to log into a growing list of your favorite apps and even update your passwords—all with just a tap!
  •     Safari + 1Password – You read that right. Just like our in-app 1Browser, you can now fill 1Password Logins directly within Safari! Ooh, speaking of thumbs…
  •     Unlock with Touch ID – After unlocking with your Master Password, get back into your vault in 1Password, Safari, and your favorite apps with just your thumb on devices with Touch ID. Check Settings > Security to learn how this works and pick your auto-lock time.
  •     Sync now goes to 11 – We rebuilt iCloud sync using Apple’s new CloudKit and it is awesome. Wi-Fi Sync will be automatic and sync attachments with the forthcoming 1Password 5 for Mac, and it’s just plain also awesomer.
  •     Adaptive UI – Whether you’re on an iPhone 4S, iPad Air, or a brand new iPhone 6 Plus, 1Password’s interface is dressed for the occasion.
  •     So much more – Resume editing items after unlocking 1Password. A brand new Welcome Aboard process makes it even easier to set sail with 1Password. Backup restoration has you covered. And all that is just page one.

And to have the browser extensions choice is just awesome. Now I just wish my iPhone 5C and iPad AIR had Touch ID for unlocking!

LastPass for iOS 8 is out now!

LastPass is first out of the gate with LastPass for iOS 8 with Browser Plug in Support! AWESOME!

And 1Password for iOS is currently FREE, and we know they will also have iOS 8 Plug In Support soon.

Leaving only SplashID with only an iOS 8 iOS app in the works, but no mention of plug in support.

So far LastPass has taken the lead by releasing the morning before iOS 8. Still think I may try out 1Password and see how well it takes my SplashID data though.

SplashID 8 announced, no iOS plug in support mentioned...

SplashID has announced that Version 8 is coming soon, according to their blog.

And they list the new features:

- Brand new optimized apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and the web
- Updated UI enabling more functionality on a single screen
- Advanced list view
- Automatic backup feature
- New full featured browser plug-ins for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
- Security dashboard featuring alerts and one step fixes for outdated passwords, weak passwords, and duplicated passwords

No mention is made of iOS 8 Plug In. And if that is the case, both LastPass and 1Password will be having that as a feature, and if that is the case it looks like I might be changing password managers!

Honestly I am kind of excited about 1Password not being cloud based at all, so that might just be what I move to, because I would like to have most of my data off the cloud, but I do use LastPass a lot, so I might move to 1Password and LastPass instead of SplashID and LastPass as I currently use. I like the idea of having one completely offline, that syncs via the computer to my iOS devices. And if 1Password works well maybe I will consider giving up on LastPass altogether, though I do love it's security checks.

AVID Announced 4K and Resolution Independence at IBC

Scott Simmons at the Pro Video Coalition has the story. 4K, resolution independence, a new compression format DNxHR, LUTs as timeline effects, and the ability export projects as DPX Also coming soon is Background Rendering, Favorite Bins and Search Across Bins for Markers.

The funny part being you need a third party video card to do 2K or 4K, since no AVID hardware can do that (and honestly they should move software only and work more with AJA, BlackMagic and Matrox)

And it is a good thing too. With Adobe offering up Updates in their Creative Cloud very quickly, and it is great to see AVID finally getting on that bandwagon, which they should since they are now subscription based as well.

RedShark on all BlackMagic Designs announcements from IBC 2014

RedShark has an article on all of BlackMagic Designs exciting new announcements from IBC 2014.

My personal favorites are:

DaVinci Resolve 11.1 is out now.

And BlackMagic has purchased Eyeon Software the maker of Fusion the high end digital compositing, visual effects and Motion Graphics Software! Wow, and lets hope they do to it exactly what they have been doing with Resolve, make it better, and cheaper than ever! Let's hope they eventually have a free version with full Resolve back and forth for an amazing new free or affordable compositing program! And lets hope for a Mac version very soon!

Fusion looks insane. Node based, but their Sizzle Reel stills looks very very complicated!

It supposedly already supports CUDA for acceleration so it sounds like a great fit with Resolve.

Info on Eyeon is available at the Eyeon Web Site.

PVC on Canon EOS 7D Mark II and it's video capabilities.

Jose Antunes at the Pro Video Coalition has more on the newly announced Canon EOS 7D Mark II and especially focusing on it's video capabilities.

Basically saying it is a baby EOS 1D X without 4K capabilities, but with the ability to record in MOV or MP4 and 3 compression settings, either IBP, ALL-I or Light IPB.

Very exciting for video, and can't wait to see what Magic Lantern can do with it.

Canon announces EOS 7D Mark II

Canon Rumors has the story on this impressive new camera.

20.2 Megapixel APS-C Camera with up to 16000 ISO with CF and SD, and USB 3 as well as GPS.

PVC on Premiere Pro CC 2014.1

Scott Simmons has a great in depth article on the new features announced in the upcoming Premiere Pro CC 2014.1 Update. He also links to Dave Hemley's 28 minute discussion on the new features, which I have included.

Some of my thoughts on features I had missed.

•I didn't see the changeable Font Size for bins, but it makes a lot of sense, especially for HiDPI monitors.

•And being able to open Sequences from other projects without importing them is pretty huge as well.

•Bezier in tracking is a much needed addition.

Very exciting. Honestly they can't get this out fast enough!

The Apple Watch has been Announced along with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Apple has announced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the bigger and biggest versions and with more storage coming out September 19th (with iOS 8 on September 18th), moving the iPhone 5S to the low end, and the iPhone 5C 8 GB for Free! Love the 1080 diplay on the big one, but think it is going to be way too big. Apple Pay sounds great, but I won't have a new iPhone for a while, so I am excited it works with the Apple Watch.

And even more exciting is the Apple Watch. As a Pebble and FitBit user I am very excited. It has a digital crown to help navigate without covering the display. As well as the inductive charging to leave this waterproof (my biggest FitBit complaint). And I love the changeable watch bands! And 2 Watch sizes and 3 types, the Watch in Stainless, The Sport in stronger aluminum or the Watch Edition in gold for the high end. And having siri on watch is pretty cool.

I am most excited for fitness and workout apps. Actually the workout seems more exciting, as it does your specific workouts, vs just overall daily activity. The integration with healthkit will be great though, especially if it also works with fitbit or other health trackers, so you can see your friends on other devices (as I love seeing how my mom does on fitbit, which is usually much better than me). And having the heartbeat monitor is also very exciting.

And Apple TV control is very cool, since it will be on your wrist already.

Expensive though at $349 to start in early 2015.


Too bad apple screwed up the stream so much! Couldn't watch it on my Apple TV, and it started with Chinese translation overlayed, and it keeps stopping and starting! Bad job Apple.

Adobe After Effects CC 2014.1 Announced

Adobe has announced Adobe After Effects CC 2014.1 otherwise known as version 13.1.

• Of course it has HiDPI support with an enhanced User interface!
• Copy with Relative Property Links
•Color management for Dynamic Link to fix color shifts, WOOHOO
•Maxon Cineware version 2.0 and Maxon Cinema 4D Lite R16 (for compatibility, though likely none of the new features of the pay version) with a collect files feature
•GoPro support

Sounds exciting, lets hope they get it in our hands quick!
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