Edelkrone SliderPlus, Target Module and Action Module

Edelkrone has released the SliderPlus system. This includes the impressive SliderPlus that can slide twice the distance of it's size in 3 normal sizes and pro sizes that go from medium to xtra large for $399.99-$799.99.

More impressive is the $569.99 Action Module which records movement and replays it, allowing you to adjust the acceration and time of the move to recreate moves for vfx multiple passes.

And the Target Module for $569.99 where you set a distance and it will turn the camera so it keeps the subject in the same framing through the slide!

This means for $1500 you can literally get the ultimate product shot setup! And you can use it to dolly, and for so many other ways.

This is really mindblowingly impressive! I so want one!
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