Light L16 Camera

Not a video camera (though it will shoot 4K video), but a new type of camera, that offers features like the Lytro (being able to refocus an image after you take it) using new technology has been announced, the L16 from Light. I first red about it at RedShark News.

This is basically a flat camera body with 16 tiny lenses with different focal lengths and light sensitivity mounted sidways with 45 degree mirrors, and in any one photo 10 of the lenses fire and advanced computational power combines them to create an over 50 mega pixel image. And if you zoom with the touch screen, it fires more long lenses to create a zoomed image, and while everything will be in focus to begin with you can then refocus using their software.

Sounds like some very cool tech, thought a bit pricy at $1699 ($1299 if you pre-order with a $200 downpayment), and it does seem pretty large in all the videos. Not like a smart phone, but certainly smaller than a DSLR.

I will be very interested in seeing how this actually performs when it comes out!

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