Lytro gets out of consumer cameras and creates it's Cinema Camera

So Lytro is breaking the internet today with it's announcement of it dropping it's unsuccessful consumer division and instead making an incredible Cinema Camera.

Lytro Cinema from Lytro on Vimeo.

This camera sounds amazing. Sure it is only the start for this, as with a foot and a half wide sensor and a 755 megapixel sensor recording at up to 300 frames per second, the recording and post on this camera is going to be literally insane! And it is all connected to a giant rack of computers and storage. The thing is the ability to refocus and change the depth of field, create a stereo 3D image, and record a 3d Image of the scene to add in CG, or to create a perfect matte with any background, and add 3D without needing to motion track is amazing, it is a game changer for high end productions. Especially once this technology matures, and shrinks a bit in size and in price, this will change everything.
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