Frontier Communications has taken Over FIOS from Verizon on the west coast, and so far things are not good

So Verizon recently sold it's West coast FIOS division to Frontier Communications, and the transition so far has been anything but easy.

First off I was given absolutely no notification of the change, in fact the first time I realized it had happened was when I tried to log into Verizon to check something on my service and they said I was no longer a customer! WTF! And it means that any Tripple Play service you had where you got TV, Internet and Cell Phone through Verizon for a discount, is literally not longer active since they are no longer Verizon!

Sure my TV and Internent have kept working, mostly. Actually TV seems fine, with the exception of some stuttering on shows, which doesn't look so good. I use TIVO though so I don't have the On Demand issue that everyone else is having, as I don't get on Demand.

The internet, now that hasn't been so good. While Broadband Speed Test still shows good results, as I pay for 75/75 Mb, and am getting 83.24 Mbps down and 90.98 Mbps up, but that isn't the whole picture. As since the switch all my iOS devices get constant drop outs. Where the internet or an app (live the Marvel Unlimited App) will completely stall out. Now I have a current Verizon Router with WIFI as well as an Apple TV connected via Cat 6 Ethernet. And usually I have to drop whichever router I am connected to and manually switch to the other for Internet to come back. This never happened when it was Verizon, and is even weirder as one of the routers is also the modem, so why it loses connection I will never know. And yes I have restarted both routers many times.

And even worse is the services not implemented, with no time frame for their implementation! The two biggies on these are the aforementioned VOD, and also internet streaming of TV shows, with services like HBO GO. Yes the streaming exists (though with a new log in, that is much harder to find, especially with the crappy Apple TV remote interface), but Verizon you got 9 accounts you could set up and allow internet access to, so your family could all have their own accounts. Now you only have the main account! This is totally unacceptable. And Customer service can't get the answer straight. My first call about this, said it would be implemented by that weekend, which was more than a month ago, and today they said they have absolutely no time frame to implement the feature.
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