More fun with Frontier Communications, who took over my Verizon Fios service

Already been pretty unhappy with Frontier Communications, who took over FIOS from Verizon in Southern California. They had many features not working, like being able to add your family to video users so they can also watch streaming video (which they seem to have added now, though in a much more difficult way than Verizon did, but it isn't working right for my mom and she can't watch Showtime), and the internet just seems less responsive and slower, and their tech support is not nearly as good as Verizon's. Plus there is the fact that I never got any notification of the change and one day could not longer log into Verizon to see my account.

Well today we have been having weirdness with our home phone, where the people would call and there would be nothing, and if we called the phone never made any sound and never connects. So their phone service seems completely down.

So I decided to contact customer support, but low and behind, while Frontier's sales site is completely up their account site is completely down.

All I get is Internal Service Error.

So I tried tweeting them on Twitter, but have not heard anything back and see tons of people from all over the country seemingly having problems. And even better they are saying you need to submit to them to try to even get money back for their downtime (which should just be automatic).

So far the service from Frontier has been very substandard. I used to love my FIOS, but now I am so unimpressed with their service!.

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