Verizon FIOS's replacement Frontier is not the same service

I was a very happy user of Verizon FIOS and it's amazing internet, but Frontier is continually proving that it's service is not nearly as good!

First off the same internet speed seems much slower, but that is just my feeling, because the speed always shows up well on speed tests, though it does feel slower.

The biggest problem is the internet tv streaming! They took a while to add more than one user, but now that they have, the big problem is that now the TV logins don't work well. In fact I have to log out and re-login every time to get them to work. Literally every time I try and watch a streaming show it fails, and to get it to work i have to log out and log back in. This is nuts! Literally this is nuts! This is a main feature now for many of us, and to have this work is one of the main feature that does not work! Are you kidding me? This should just work, but Frontier has not just worked since it took over from Verizon.

The Frontier takeover of FIOS has been a disaster! And this is not acceptable because I was not even told until I was already a Frontier customer! WTF!
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