I created a new logo bumper for Whale of a Tale Productions in 4K

For quite some time I have been wanting a new Whale of a Tale Productions logo, and I have need for one in 4K as I have been posting some of my DJI Osmo Test Footage on YouTube.

I had recently upgraded a really old logo that had been NTSC to 4K, but wasn't too impressed with the results, so I decided to create a new one that more closely resembled my new Business card.

So I went to trusty After Effects CC 2017 14.2, as well as Element 3D and Red Giant Tsunami and created the following logo bumper for Whale of a Tale Productions.

Someday I will tackle one in full 3D where the logo can interact with the water, but not right now. For now I am pretty happy with this one.

Red Giant Updates Universe to 1.3 with 6 new Free and 7 New Premium Effects!

Red Giant has updated Universe to 1.3!

The Premium effects seem awesome, especially fixing gopro and the the very cool lookin VHS effect.

Red Giant Updates Universe to 1.2


Red Giant has updated it's new realtime effects plug in system Universe to 1.2
with 3 new free effects and 6 new Pro effects, as well as Native Style Effects. You can get Universe from Red Giant for free, or with a subscription for Premium, or a lifetime payout.

Check out the new features and plugs in in the video here.

What's new in Universe 1.2 from Red Giant on Vimeo.

I have been very impressed with Universe so far. And am looking forward to trying out the free Exposure Blur Effect as a transition in After Effects. And CrumblePop Half Light for the Pro section, which has light leak effects.

Red Giant has updated it's Shooter Suite to version 12.5

Red Giant has updated their Shooter suite to Version 12.5.

It is $399 for full and $99 for upgrades from version 12.

It has a new version of BulletProof 1.2, Plural Eyes 3.5, it now includes Denoiser II, LUT Buddy, and now Instant 4K for uprezzing.

A great suite for on set work, and Plural Eyes is essential for all shoots with separate audio!

Red Giant has Updated Universe to 1.1 with 3 new Free and 6 Premium Effects!

Red Giant has updated Universe to 1.1 with 3 new Free and 6 New Premium Effects. And 3 updated Effects.

What's New in Red Giant Universe 1.1 from Red Giant on Vimeo.

Very cool. Lets hope they keep pouring out updates this quickly. The great thing about the subscription model is if they keep getting in money they can keep updating.

Red Giant Updates for Adobe Creative Cloud 2014

Luckily that didn't take long. Red Giant has updated all their software for Adobe Creative Cloud 2014.

Really many of the most important plug ins for After Effects. I use them every day!


Red Giant releases a Nebula Contraction Kit and Tutorial for Trapcode Mir and Form

Nebula Construction Kit examples from Peder Norrby on Vimeo.

Red Giant has released a Nebula Construction Kit and Tutorial using Trapcode Mir and Form.

Very cool! Going to have to play with this one.

Check out their tutorial and download the kit from Red Giant.

RedGiant Universe is out of Beta

Red Giant has released version 1.0 of it's new GPU accelerated Universe Plug ins. These include 31 free GPU accelerated plugs ins and currently 19 Pro plug ins that can be had for $10 a month, $99 a year or $399 for a lifetime subscription. And they promise dozens of new tools in 2014 alone. Already these protools include a version of Knoll Light Factory, Toonit and Holomatrix.

I love Red Giant's stuff, so this is a great thing. Not sure about all these subscriptions though. So far the small businesses I work with have been very averse to a monthly fee, but the free plug ins are great to have.

Red Giant Releases Universe Plug In


Red Giant has released a new set of GPU accelerated plug ins called Universe. Right now you can try out the Free plan which includes 32 free plug ins, and you will be able to get Premium plug ins, or create your own. They are also updating many of their old plug ins to work GPU enhanced in universe.

Supernova: Behind the Scenes of Red Giant Universe from Red Giant on Vimeo.

There is the free membership, a $10 a month Premium Plan or a $99 per year plan, or a $399 Lifetime plan that does not expire!

The Plugs include:

Universe Free Tools
Universe Blur (7 plugins)
Universe Distort (8 plugins)
Universe Generators (4 plugins)
Universe Glow (3 plugins)
Universe Transitions (9 plugins)
Universe Premium Tools
Universe Chromatic Glow
Universe Holomatrix
Universe Knoll Light Factory EZ
Universe Noise
Universe Premium Transitions
Universe Prism Displacement
Universe Retrograde
Universe Toonit

This sounds very cool, and I have already installed and am looking forward to trying them out. Not sure about the monthly pricing unless they do add as many effects as they say they will, but the Lifetime is probably the best deal here, especially seeing things like Knoll Light Factory being added with GPU support.

Also is an addition is called Red Giant Supernova, which allows you to program plug ins quickly using the Red Giant Universe Library. So it fairly easy to create your own plug ins.

Supernova: Behind the Scenes of Red Giant Universe from Red Giant on Vimeo.


Red Giant Updates Color Suite to 11.0.4 for Premiere Pro CC 7.2 Compatibility

Red Giant has updated it's color suite for Premiere Pro CC 7.2.

Red Giant Updates its shooter suite for OS X Mavericks

You can download it at it's products download page.

Red Giant Plural Eyes 3.2.0 for OS X released


Red Giant has released the 3.2.0 update for OS X.

  • Support for the just-released Avid Media Composer 7
  • Using MP3 files as external audio is now supported
  • Added an option to save the synced project to a specified location
  • Now properly supports audio tracks with more than two channels
  • Now properly handles ProRes PAL footage
  • Now supports Avid Media Composer 5.0 AAF files
  • Added support for imported media where audio gain was applied in Avid Media Composer
  • Spanned P2 MXF files will no longer show up as an “Unsupported Format”
  • Now preserves clip spacing when importing an AAF file
  • Fixed problem with media captured from iMovie, CineForm Studio, and Final Cut Express

You can download the update here.

PVC takes a look at Red Giant Bulletproof

Scott Simmons at the Pro Video Coalition takes a look at Red Giant's soon to be released BulletProof.

It is basically a tool for DIT's. It easily allows the DIT to Import, Organize, Review, Refine and Export your Clips. Allowing backups, simple color corrections and transcodes before the edit.

It is going to be $199 when it is released, though will start as a free Beta as I have previously posted.

Red Giant Bulletproof Beta signup

Red Giant has announced the sign up or the BulletProof public beta, a new program to ingest, backup, color correct and compress footage.

I signed up right away, looking forward to check this out. Especially with DSLR footage this could be very interesting.

Red Giant announces Community Forums

Has released new Community Forums.

You can read their announcement at their Blog.

It will Updates and Feedback sections, sections on getting started and questions and answers.

Always a good idea to have your own forums, especially with the depth of plug ins that Red Giant now owns. Very cool.

Red Giant Looks and Mojo bugs with FCP X

So Red Giant knows it has issues with Looks and Mojo in FCP X, and it seems they can't fix it. It is an Apple thing that must be fixed, and there is no word if or when they will.

Red Giant Price Drop

Red Giant Software has made significant price drops on their software, of up to 50%. You can now get the entire suite for $899 down from $1740.

And check out these prices on individual software.

Great deals.

I love there software and have been using it for many years.

Red Giant Software 40% Sale Today only!

Today only Red Giant is having a 40% off sale on all there products! Just enter 2012BSF40 at checkout and you will get the discount, which applies to all products including upgrades! This is a great deal and I love their suites of FX as is. So if you don't have them today is a great time to catch up.

EDIT: And it now goes till 10 AM Pacific this Wednesday 12-12-12, so you have a couple of more hours.

Dan Stevers posted a Trapcode Essentials Tutorial

Dan Stevers has posted a Trapcode Essentials Tutorial Video that is almost an hour long on Vimeo. Worth Checking out.

Plural Eyes 2 Licensing has Changed

Since RedGiant bought PluralEyes and DualEyes, the licensing has changed, so you need to head over to RedGiant to get a new installer and a new license to make it work again. A pain, but i love RedGiant, so it is OK.

Red Giant has released Trapcode Suite 12

Trapcode Suite 12 from Red Giant on Vimeo.

Check it out at Red Giant, where it is $899 or between $99-$499 for an upgrade.

The new upgrade includes Trapcode Mir a brand new motion design tool.

Trapcode Mir from Red Giant on Vimeo.

It now includes 105 Particular/Shine Guru Presets from MoGraph artist David Vinson.

And maintenance updates for Lux, Echospace, Particular and Form.

The Guru presets help, but this doesn't seem like much of an overall suite upgrade for the price, especially if you already have the guru presets! I mean a new app, that you may or may not use, and no update to the rest of the suite, and the upgrade costs the same as buying the app. Red Giant obviously included the Guru presets to make this seem more worthwhile, but at $99, it seems a bit much when all you get is a maintenance release for all the apps you know and love.

RedGiant Upgrades DeNoiser to 1.3

Red Giant has Upgraded their new DeNoiser Plug in to version 1.3.

Red Giant has Acquired Singular Software

Got an e-mail from Singular Software this morning saying they have been purchased by Red Giant. Singular's Plural Eyes is awesome software and I love Red Giant's software as well, so hopefully it will be a match made in heaven. You can read about it at Red Giant's Web Site. And you can continue to purchase Singular Software from their web site until everything is moved under the Red Giant brand.

They are taking the entire Singular Software Team, so the same great software should be coming including the upcoming Plural Eyes 3, which we have already seen the beta of.

Red Giant updates for CS6

RedGiant Software has released updates for Adobe CS6 compatibility.
Cannot complain about day and date release and free updates at that. Way to go Red Giant!

Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite adds Media Composer Support


The Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite Version 11.2, has added Looks compatibility with Avid Media Composer! You can also install a single program out of the complete installer, which as of the last version only requires one serial number.

Very cool. I love Looks, and see this as a further death nell for Final Cut Pro (and no I don’t include FCP X in that distinction, that is iMovie Pro).

Magic Bullet has updated Magic Bullet Suite to 11.1.2

Red Giant has updated it’s Magic Bullet suite to 11.1.2 including removing Magic Bullet Denoiser. Here are their listed changes:
PhotoLooks 1.5.2

  • Those of you installing PhotoLooks along with the entire suite may have noticed categories that show up in the Looks drawer that happen to be empty – this occurs because Looks created for Looks 2.0 used new tools and aren’t usable in PhotoLooks (yet). We’ve fixed things up for now so you wont see a bunch of empty categories – only categories that have Looks you want.
  • “Save Image As” in the Photo LooksBuilder was never meant to be left in the application and was not working correctly. It has been removed completely. Use the host app you launch PhotoLooks from to save your images.
  • For those of you who also use QuickLooks, there was a bug in the installer that would cause all of your QuickLooks presets to disappear after installing PhotoLooks. We’ve fixed this up.
Looks 2.0.4

  • For those of you using Looks 2.0 in Sony’s Vegas Pro on non-English 32-bit Windows systems, we’ve fixed up the truly annoying OMP error that pops up on your screen.
Colorista II 1.0.5

  • In Premiere Pro, dragging the power mask preview outline was not lining up with the actual mask. We’ve sorted this all out and it’s working great.
Grinder 1.5.1

  • The Timecode Start setting was always working in ‘Continuous’ mode – ‘Reset’ and ‘Time of Day’ were being ignored – all fixed up.
  • Choosing “Original + Timecode” as the main format option was causing the timecode to be off by a factor of 100. We’ve got the math all working now and you’ll get the results you’re looking for.
Bye-Bye Denoiser 1.0

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