Color Correction Test with DJI OSMO+, Canon 60D and iPhone 6S and Visual Effects of Gun Shots

I shot some test footage with 3 of my cameras, my DJI OSMO+ my Canon 60D and my iPhone 6S. I color corrected the footage using DaVinci Resolve 12.5 and did the Visual Effects in Adobe After Effects.

The visual effects include adding the gun shots, light flashes, and color correcting the orange tip of my gun so it is gray.

I was trying to show my ability to color match the footage from such different 3 cameras, as well as add the visual effects to make an interesting little sequence.

Let me know what you think!

CGMeetup has a VFX breakdown of Olympus has Fallen

CGMeetup has a VFX breakdown of the underrated Olympus has Fallen.

FX Guide on FX in Doctor Who Series 7 Finale!

FX GUIDE has an awesome article on the effects in the Doctor Who Series 7 Finale! Great article! Nice!

FX Guide the VFX Show on Star Trek into Darkness

FX Guide has a an episode of the VFX show on Star Trek into Darkness. And an article on the effects as well.

VFXLAB Showreel 2013 from CGMeetup

CGMeetup has posted a video and on the VFXLAB Showreel for 2013.

this reel is made by the instructors of VFXLAB that they have worked on part of movies and some of CG shots from VFXLAB on Vimeo.

Very cool stuff.

CGMeetup on Digital Domain doing Oblivion's VFX

CGMeetup has an article on Digital Domain doing Oblivion's VFX.

PVC on Oblivion using Cinema 4D

The Pro Video Coalition has a press release on how the film Oblivion used Cinema 4D to do it's effects. Interesting.

Cinema 4D is on my list to learn after DaVinci Resolve, as it's new After Effects integration will be huge!

Gmunk on Oblivion's Graphics

GMUNK has some video on Oblivion's graphics. I have not seen it yet because of Tom Cruise, though the graphics do look impressive.

Studio Daily on Ending the VFX Crisis

Studio Daily has a really good article on what we need to do to move forward and end the Visual Effects industry crisis.

A very good article as it makes you look at it from both sides, and see it is not just the studios fault, it is also bad business practices within FX houses, and how both sides need to sit down and talk this out. And also interesting that Studios will often pay a change if they make a big enough change and it is in the contract.

I still think that Studios need to slow down on their insane schedules so that things can be done in a more reasonable time. A more normal schedule would make the whole thing more pleasant and lead to better FX in the end.

Creative Cow on VFX Industry Crossroads

Creative Cow has a great article by Debra Kaufman on the crossroads of a Visual Effects Industry in Crisis. Well worth checking out. And a scary look inside the industry.

The whole flat bidding thing is the scariest thing, as jobs always get bigger and have more changes and if you don't get overages eventually the expenses will kill a company and that is why so many are moving overseas where the labor is cheaper.

And it is not like Rythym and Hues is the first, this will continue, as it may prove too expensive to run an FX company in the current model. Maybe the studios just need to make their own companies on a per movie basis, though I don't see that saving money either, as they will have to pay their own people!
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