Bare Feats has posted a part 2 to it's EVGA NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 680 Review with Professional Apps

Bare Feats has posted it's second part of it's Geforce GTX 680 Review and the results are mostly good. It does get beat in Cinema 4D and Motion 5 by the GTX 680MX in the top of the line iMac, but that is likely because of the older hardware and buss speed of the now ancient MacPro over the newer hardware in the iMac. Still it does win for DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, and Octane. Hopefully it would really whoop ass in a new MacPro if that ever happens.

Awesome to have the choice now and not have to get something off of ebay that is many generations old!

Details of After Effects & Cinema 4D integration from Todd Kopriva at Adobe.

Todd Kopriva at Adobe has posted a document with details on the integration between After Effects and Cinema 4D in the new After Effects. He links to more extensive discussions, and then has extensive details on this.

Damn this makes me want Cinema 4D! I wonder if Autodesk and NewTek are on the horn working with Adobe to add something like the for their programs as this will really make Cinema 4D the number one 3D for ease of use between it and After Effects.

Logitech has announced 2 more harmony remotes

MacTech has the news on 2 new Harmony Programable remotes, these including bluetooth for connection to things like your Playstation 3 (used to require a separate device).

I had heard and posted about Rumors of Logitech getting rid of Harmony, so I am glad to see they are still working on remotes, and the Ultimate does look like a cool step up from my Harmony One ($349.99 is a lot for an upgrade I don't really need though, especially without hugely new features).

Jim Jannard on why 6K at Red Forums

We entered the market way back when with a 4K camera. Our thinking was that 1080P was not good enough to replace film. We were right apparently... 7 years later.

What we learned along the way was that while 4K acquisition was certainly better than 1080P... it was not ideal.

A 4K finish from a bayer pattern sensor (what everyone does) begs for more captured resolution than 4K. A 1080P sensor (1920x1080) does not fill up a 1080P box. A 4K sensor also does not fill up a 4K box.

Our M-X sensor captured 4.5K in a RED ONE and 5K in an EPIC-X (or EPIC-M). Much better. The 4K box was almost full. 6K... the 4K box is overflowing.

Going forward, we realize that down-rezzing has a HUGE advantage to final output. Hence the 6K Dragon.

Not only do you have the option to recompose, stabilize, and zoom... the idea of down-rezzing gives a much better final output to a 4K delivery. It lowers noise. You get apparent sharpness without sharpening.

So while the others have joined the party... they have entered where we were 7 years ago. They have thrown the ball to where the receiver was... not where he is.

At some point you need to decide who you believe will deliver the future. The company with the vision, or the company that follows the vision. Who is ahead and who is behind?

If the company with the vision also happens to embrace their customers at all costs (upgrades instead of all new cameras)... you win every which way you look at it.

The choice is yours...


What makes me wary on the argument of downrezzing for more quality is there is no 6K or even 5K 16x9, so even if you go to a ProRES recorder you will get black bars on the top and bottom and have to spend time converting the higher resolution material and downscaling and pan and scanning. I think it makes sense for features, but for 1080, the non 16x9 resolutions really don't make much sense.

Still I would love to have a RED EPIC with Dragon sensor if I could afford it.

Digg on their Google Reader Replacement

Digg has a new post on their Google Reader replacement. It is the results of their last survey on Reader. With over 8000 responses!

And they have a new survey to give answers to on more of Google Reader. Check it out and give some answers.

Really can't wait to see what Digg comes up with, though I hope they do it quick as Reader won't be around much longer.

Feedly Mobile 14.1 fixes List view to be more like Google Reader

Wow, Feedly is really listening, and they have made a true list view instead of their former one which was part magazine, part list. Woohoo! Version 14.1 for iOS really does make it more reader like.

Now I want Pinboard and Pinterest integration!

Studio Daily on Ending the VFX Crisis

Studio Daily has a really good article on what we need to do to move forward and end the Visual Effects industry crisis.

A very good article as it makes you look at it from both sides, and see it is not just the studios fault, it is also bad business practices within FX houses, and how both sides need to sit down and talk this out. And also interesting that Studios will often pay a change if they make a big enough change and it is in the contract.

I still think that Studios need to slow down on their insane schedules so that things can be done in a more reasonable time. A more normal schedule would make the whole thing more pleasant and lead to better FX in the end.

Blackmagic released new Teranax at NAB

I didn't see this covered anyplace else, but Definition Magazine has an article on it. And you can check it out at Blackmagic Designs web site. $1995 for the currently available 2D version and $3995 for the soon to be released 3D version.

Amazing that you can get the best quality conversion for this cheap now, and it includes the video scopes software from Blackmagic as well.

I love what Blackmagic is doing. Doing amazing things for low prices, and really changing the face of the video market!

VideoCopilot shows hot to do a simple car rig in Element 3D 1.6

I am still not 100% that Media Composer 7 is a big enough upgrade. Great that AMA is upgraded and working like AVID Media does, though you have to put it in a specific place, so it isn't quite AMA anymore.

Never tried out LightWorks, but I am excited to give it a try once it makes it to Mac.

Scott Simmons at PVC chats with Al Mooney of Adobe about the next Premiere Pro

At the Pro Video Coalition are a couple of great video interviews by Scott Simmons.

Worth Checking out.

John Brawley hands on with Blackmagic Tech Pocket Camera

John Brawley has an excellent hands on with the new Blackmagic Pocket Camera. And info on the 4K. Sounds like an impressive little camera, though with a little rolling shutter issues, that the 4K should fix.

Amazing that Blackmagic has become such an impressive camera company in such a short period of time! And $1000 plus lenses is a steal for a 1080 camera!

Lightwave 11.5 After Effects Interchange

Got this from Creative Cow, obvliously in response to the Maxon plug in in the new After Effects they are talking about their integration with After Effects, which is a plug in to send your scene to After Effects.

You just hit the GoAE button in Lightwave and it will send info to After Effects. It supports:

Cameras: Combine 2D footage and 3D elements by tracking the cameras of live-action footage in After Effects to cameras in LightWave. Move the cameras between After Effects and LightWave to achieve identical real-life camera movements inside LightWave.

Nulls: Send nulls from After Effects to LightWave and place them in 3D space for compositing.

Lights: Achieve the desired look by moving lights, including spotlights and point lights, between LightWave and After Effects for multiple test scenes.

NewTek also has a video showing how it works at their web site.

Of course no the rendering that the Maxon plug in will do, but still a good way to integrate shots more easily between Lightwave and After Effects. I wonder if they will get to work on a plug in like Maxon now? Hopefully!

AVID announces 64 Bit Pro Tools 11

Some exciting news from AVID is the announcement of the 64 Bit Pro Tools 11, which can supposedly bounce a full feature in a minute! That will save some time, that is for sure.

The new Media Composer release may not be exciting, but this actually is.

Sonnet announces new Thunberbolt PCI Expansion Chasis

Electronista has the news on Sonnet's new Thunberbolt connected PCI expansion chasis with 3 PCI slots.

Amazing that you could run PCI cards off a Macbook air with thunderbolt now!

RED starts Dragon Sensor Pre-Orders

RED has started the red dragon 6K sensor pre-orders. You can read all about the Dragon on their web site. And they have a FAQ on the upgrade as well.

It is very exciting that they are are making good on their promisses and releasing upgradeable parts for your RED camera, though it makes it a constan source of putting new money into your cameras as well.

RedRock Cobalt Cages for GoPro Cameras

Definition Magazine has an article on the new RedRock Cobalt Cages for $99 for the GoPro Hero2 and Gero3 cameras.

Very cool, more protection and many more mounting options.

Blackmagic Design announces DaVinci Resolve 10


Creative Cow has the press release, and it is already up at Blackmagic's web site, though the download is not up yet.

It now has editing features, better color correction including support for OpenFX Plug Ins.

It will be available in Quarter 3 for free in the lite version.

PVC takes a look at Red Giant Bulletproof

Scott Simmons at the Pro Video Coalition takes a look at Red Giant's soon to be released BulletProof.

It is basically a tool for DIT's. It easily allows the DIT to Import, Organize, Review, Refine and Export your Clips. Allowing backups, simple color corrections and transcodes before the edit.

It is going to be $199 when it is released, though will start as a free Beta as I have previously posted.

Intel shows off 20GB Thunderbolt

Electronista has the news on Intel showing off 20GB Thunberbolt which could handle uncompressed 4K and a 4K display.

Now this would be an awesome addition to a new MacPro, though again, I wouldn't hold my breath!

New MacPro this month?

Electronista has a rumor that it may happen this month, though I am not holding my breath. I am betting on the WWDC, whenever that is. And I am also betting it won't be as much as we want in a replacement.

More on the Movi by Vincent Laforet

Vincent Laforet has posted another post about the amazing gyro stabilized Movi, where he tries to answer everyone's questions.

Damn this thing looks bad ass. I would love one, but it is too much for me, but a great price instead of a Steadicam.

EditShare showing off Mac Version of Free Lightworks Editing Software at NAB

Creative Cow has the press release.

A free edit solution is an awesome idea, and one that is supposed to quite powerful. Looking forward to taking it through it's paces.

HD Warrior on Black Magic Cinema Pocket Camera

HD Warrior has a great writeup on the $995 micro 3/4 camera that can also be adapted to use Super 16 lenses.

Cinema5D on 2 new Black Magic Cameras a 4K and a Mini

Cinema5D has the scoop on 2 new Black Magic Cameras being released at NAB, and leaked thanks to flags.

You can see them at No Film School.

The $3995

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

Compact 4K camera with large super-35 sensor, global shutter, Ultra HD and 4K support, built-in SSD recorder, touch LCD metadata entry, compressed CinemaDNG RAW and ProRes recording, Thunderbolt and EF lens compatibility, Includes DaVinci Resolve and UltraScopes.
The $999 Portable for Micro 3/4 Lenses (damn was hoping this would work with normal canon lenses).

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Ultra-portable super-16 digital cinema camera with super wide 13 stops of dynamic range. Super 16 sized 1080p HD sensor, built in SD card reader, High resolution LCD, ProRes and Lossless CinemaDNG RAW recording, Active Micro Four Thirds lens compatibility, Micro HDMI monitoring with Overlays.

The 4K will make up for the decencies of the current camera with a Super-35 Sensor! And the $999 portable could be mindblowing! A point and shoot sized camera with those specs. Damn! That could really change everything and be kind of what RED initially promised with the SCARLET.


PVC on Sorenson Squeeze 9

Scott Simmons at the Pro Video Coalition has an extensive post on the newly upgraded Sorenson Squeeze 9.

You can also Check it out at the Sorenson Media Website.

Squeeze has always been a top not compression suite, and it has only gotten better here, with a great and easy to use interface, that is much nicer to look at and easier to interact with than Media Compressor it's only real competitor.

Great to have integration with Adobe, AVID and FCP so you can compress right from them (though I still like Media Compressor being able to work from the project files).

The filter to add source timecode to a compressed clip is very very cool, and could dave so much time.

Pre and Post Roll stitching to add a video to the head or tail of a compression is a very cool idea.

It is $799 for standard and $999 for Pro which will render ProRES on a mac and AVID DNxHD, and upgrades depend on which version you currently have!

No idea what mine would be since previous to this version I have not been able to get Squeeze to work on my Mac since version 6, which came with Media Composer, but finally this version has solved that problem, and Squeeze does now run for me and run very well.

AVID Annouces Media Composer 7 at NAB


The Pro Video Coalition has the coverage of AVID's Sunday night event. And AVID has a video at their web site, and you can sign up to get more info when it arrives.

Instead of 4K they have Flex Frame which lets you edit in either 720 or 1080, but have up to a 4k or 5k frame that you can pan and scan within (pretty lame since you can do 4K in FCP 7!). I am sure it will be a nice pan and scan, but still not very impressive.

And you can now treat any AMA folder as if is an AVID Media Folder, so it will automatically process, and can now transcode in the background (though I still prefer Premiere where you don't need to transcode). And AMA is promised to work better. Background transcoding is great (though I would be happier with not having to transcode) and watch folders are a good idea, but nothing revolutionary.

Faster Audio waveforms is a much needed feature, as it always seemed slow and unresponsive. Still have to look at the waveform in the timeline for the viewer clips though, which is slow.

The price drop is a good idea, and is what it should have been since their $999 Final Cut Pro Crossgrade offer. $999 for Media Composer 7, and $1499 for Symphony and upgrades from 6.5 for $299 and $399 for earlier programs. I hate how 7.5 will be a paid update too, maybe they need something like creative cloud for $50 a month?

I hope there is more as this doesn't seem like the revolution that will put AVID back in the black. I hope AVID manages to stick around, but I would think they need to start really making impressive additions to Media Composer and not just ho hum features.
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