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Boris Soundbite replaces Get

BORIS FX has announced Soundbite which seems to be replacing Get for FCP. The Introductory price is a reasonable $295, but it’s normal price is $495, and it is only compatible with Final Cut Pro 6 and 7, not X or any other program. I think the licensing for the technology is too much as they are charging way too much for all these apps. They need to make it work for AVID and Premier Pro as well.
Still this needs to get out soon, as I was planning on using GET for this gig I am on, but it became unavailable, so hopefully will be released soon.

Get Set Go has reached it's Kickstarter Goal!

Woohoo! The album and the EP’s will be released! Still need to get that interview with Mike TV though!

Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple

Of course he is staying on as Chairman, and he chose Tim Cooke to replace him. I guess he is just too sick. I hope he can get better and continue to have influence at the company that he created and revitalized.

Of course it makes me wonder if he was the one behind killing FCP7, and if his stepping down could cause a change and it to return, but that is just wishful thinking.

Lets just hope he is able to recover.

PVC on some usefull AVID tools

Scott Simmons has posted an excellent article on some new and old useful features in Media Composer. I didn’t know about the Stereo for sure (much like Premiere Pro AVID can now have Stereo tracks and Stereo clips), and think these are well worth checking out.

Top Kopriva of Adobe posts on Premiere Pro Issue

Todd Kopriva, who helped me out on the Adobe Forums has posted on the Premiere Pro NVIDIA Drivers issue with Premiere Pro. It is the same info I have posted before, but good to know they are still working on it.

Get Set Go Kickstarter new video

Mike TV has posted a new Kickstarter video on YouTube. Check it out.

And they are almost there, so donate and get a copy of the album.

Project Sync Teaser

There is a teaser trailer for Project Sync for syncing After Effects Project changes between users. It looks like a very cool plug in, that someone should have come up with sooner.

Check out the page on Vimeo, or I have embeded the video below.

Project Sync Teaser from Roe Media on Vimeo.




I just found creatica, an excellent web site for you artists out there. Not only does it link to inspirational design, but it includes links to free templates, textures, patterns, css.

This site is very cool, and worth checking out.

John DeMaio at Production Apprentice back to Avid

Production Apprentice has an excellent article on moving back from Final Cut Pro 7 to AVID Media Composer. He likes the move and really gets back into using trim mode, which is barely used on FCP 7, though still likes some things about FCP 7.

I feel about the same, I still like certain things about FCP 7 better, but now that it is EOL, it is time to really to get back into Media Composer, though I am also really enjoy Premiere Pro quite a bit.

Scroll Wheel in Premier Pro

Adobe has a good tech article on scrolling in Premier Pro. This is functionality that seems strange to me, so I thought I would post it.

I am sure anyone who has tried premiere pro sees that scrolling with a mouse in Premiere Pro moves you down the timeline and doesn’t reveal tracks, but you can still scroll by hovering over the scroll bars and using the wheel, and it can also zoom the timeline if you hold down the option key (though I would like to see a setting to change the scrolling behavior from right to left to up and down).

Scott Simons at Studio Daily on FCP Road Blocks

Scott Simmons at Studio Daily has an interesting article on some Road Blocks in FCP X. This goes with Olivier Peters recent article over at digitalfilms, which I posted about before.

Of course I agree with all, though maybe not in the same order.

It does really blow me away that there is no live timeline scrolling in FCP X. This was a feature that FCP 7 really did need, and AVID has had for a long time.

And the fact that you can set an in and out in a clip, then click on another clip, and when you go back the points are gone had better be a bug, because that is so not a usuful feature.

Adobe Media Encoder

I got in video encoding years back, before I became a professional editor, when I was working at Warner Bros. Online, and have always kept up with it, though for a long time I have used Compressor as my program of choice, mainly because I already had it and it worked really well.

After using Adobe Media Encoder I wonder how I stayed with Compressor so long. Media Encoder has one feature that makes it so much better than any other media encoder out there. To encode a sequence from either Premiere Pro or After Effects, you just open the Project and select the sequences you want in Media Encoder, no exporting a quicktime or giving up your program to edit. You can let Media Encoder do it from the Project! THIS IS HUGE! How did I ever live without out? I have no idea, but I won’t in the future!


digitalfilms on FCP X Roadblocks

digitalfilms has an excellent article on FCP X roadblocks. I agree with all of them, but one particularly as it is my favorite tool in FCP.

Track tool. This plays a huge part in how I edit and something I really loved in FCP over Media Composer. I use it to move clips downstream to open a space on the timeline to work. If I want to do the same in FCP X, I either have to insert a placeholder (essentially the OLD Avid way of working) or select a number of clips (also the OLD Avid way). Not very effective when you have an hour-long timeline. Another reason to use the track tool is to select all the clips to the right in order to apply common effects.

I really don’t get these people that are fervently defending FCP X.

I know I have said this before, but to me it is not just incomplete, and you can’t call it a beta( because if it was a beta they would still be supporting FCP 7, while they worked out the kinks of FCP X), it is actually broken. The basic paradigm of the timeline that you cannot organize is broken. Some of the new features could be interesting and powerful, but as additional features, not as the only features. And I never want a timeline that I cannot organize unless it is has zero graphics or overlays, and even then I like to organize my tracks.

And while I could see a usefulness to being able to scrub where the mouse head is, like the AVID timeline, it should be able to turn off and on (I know you can turn it off in FCP X, but then you can’t scrub in clips in the viewer either, which doesn’t work).

And what exactly does Apple want us to do on jobs where we need a FCP 7 license? I am on one right now? How do we get one? E-bay, they are going for much more than $1000, and you don’t even know how legal they are?!?!

Trapcode has an excellent Smoke Project

Trapcode is sharing an excellent Smoke Project. Download it here.

Splice now has a great AVID tip

Splice Now, have a great tip on Copying a clip to source monitor, that can really speed your up in editing.

The shortcut, not visible in the menus, is Command-Option-C. Mark a region in the timeline and select tracks, or simply select a clip or clips. Then hit Command-Option-C. Your material instantly appears in the source monitor.


FCPX.TV has a requested features article

Check out there feature request for FCP X.

I really agree with the scrolling timeline, and reconnect media.

Free Invites to Google+

So if anyone wants an invite to Google Plus, just follow this link and it will get you signed up.

So far I am digging Google+, the ability to share with who you want to makes a huge amount of sense and it something that Facebook should have done long ago.

I just can’t believe that there is no Google Reader integration, as the Buzz feed just doesn’t connect (though you can see it in your profile). They need to add one entry that adds to google buzz, google plus and facebook all at once. And not just a Chrome extension, as I personally use Firefox.

FCP X Visual Manual

For those still using FCP X, there has been released a $1.99 PDF manual that everyone says is great. It will also be $14.99 printed at AMazong, and you can get it here.

Adobe and Nvidia Ray Trace in AE

The Pro Video Coalition has an article on a joint NVIDIA Adobe research project on doing ray traced 3D within After Effects, and it looks amazing. I just hope it will work with my GeForce GTX 285, or that NVIDIA will come out with a new better CUDA card available in Mac. I would consider a 4000, but it barely work with Lion or Apple products at this point, and is already a generation behind.

Let’s hope this gets integrated into After Effects soon! Realtime 3D would be amazing.

Biscardi Creative switches to Premiere Pro

Biscardi Creative has an excellent article on why they are not waiting for Final Cut Pro X to become this amazing Paradigm of editing in the future, when they can do everything they need in Premiere Pro right now. The article really mirrors what I am feeling about Premiere Pro right now. I love not having to re-compress to Pro Res, and edit in realtime in my timeline.

There’s been so much talk about a “new paradigm” and “a new beginning” lately courtesy of Apple.  Defenders of the “new paradigm” are quick to point out that this is an entirely new application, nothing like it has ever been done, therefore, Apple had to break with all convention to create Final Cut Pro X.   It’s stripped down now, like Final Cut Pro 1, but give it time and the things we “need” will be added back over time.  It has so much “potential for the future.”

The more I work with Adobe Premiere Pro the more I just don’t understand that mentality.   Why wait?  Premiere Pro already includes the “missing elements” of FCP X and so much more it can’t do.

He goes on to say that despite all the protesting in forums he transferred over a large project to Premiere Pro final Cut Pro 7 and it all worked perfectly, he loves all the realtime effects, and also how Adobe Media Encoder can look into Premiere Pro and After Effects projects and render individual sequences without having to open the host apps, which for him, and for me is huge! You don’t have to export a quicktime movie and you don’t have to give up the host app to to the compression. THAT IS SO COOL, AND SO USEFUL! TALK ABOUT A TIME SAVER!

Which Lens to Buy for DSLR

Philip Bloom has an excellent article on which lenses to buy for DSLR photography and videography.

I wish I could afford all Canon Lenses, but this article is really worth checking out.

Lion Spaces Controls

Finally figured out something that was bothering me. I have already said that I hated that Apple had gotten rid of the spaces control panel to control which apps go into which desktop spaces, well the controls are still there, they have just been moved.

Once you have created multiple spaces in Mission control (I have 6).


Open the Application which you want to put in different spaces, and then right click on it’s icon in the dock. You will get a menu like this one which lets you pick where to put the app.

Honestly it is not as elegant as it was having the old control panel where you could set all apps, but it is pretty functionally and allows the same functionality, so I am happy.

Still not sure about Mission Control VS. spaces and Expose though. I use 6 desktops, if I start using full screen apps, I am sure going to have a lot on the top row, and I have a fairly large monitor.


Karl Soulé addition info

Karl Soulé has added an addition article. This is on enabling black magic or aja playback of your ProRes timeline, as well as 32 bit color and highest quality rendering.

Thanks Karl. Worth checking out.

Karl Soulé at The Video Road shows how to do a ProRes Setup in Premier Pro

Karl Soulé at the Video Road has an excellent article on how to setup a ProRes workflow in PremierePro. This can be used for ProRes sequences from Final Cut Pro, or for projects shot in ProRes which is happening more often. It is too bad, you have to at the least Purchase the new Apple Motion to get ProRes codecs on your mac, but you need them (you have them if you have FCS 3.0) and with these setup settings you can easily work end to end in ProRes in Premiere Pro on your Mac.

Get Set Go new album on Kickstarter

Get Set Go is releasing their 5th album themselves on
Kickstarter and you can see I have already put a link to it on the side of the side, but here is their video on the project. So please give money so they can make their goal, and get a copy of their new album as well.

You can preview a few of the amazing new songs here.

Get Set Go is an amazing band, and are really good guys, so please do support them with whatever you can!

Premiere Pro Annoyance

Mostly I am really enjoying working with Premiere Pro. Sure I have not tried it with external video as of yet, but just working with my GeForce I am fairly impressed, but there is one thing I don’t like, and that is how premiere pro deals with audio tracks. You must pick your audio setup before hand, and it is a choice between, mono, stereo and 5.1 tracks. Well honestly I really never know how I am going to get audio, some stuff can be stereo and some mono (never get any 5.1), and it is nice to be able to just put stereo tacks on two tracks (as in AVID or Final Cut), versus their own single stereo tracks in premiere. Honestly the way Premier handles audio tracks is a bit strange and a bit frustrating to my workflow. Sure I can work with it, but am not sure that I like it.
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