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Richard Harrington on how to Expose a DSLR Video Shot

Richard Harrignton has an excellent video on how to expose a DSLR Video shot.

Cinevate Trawly compact Dolly, Mini Tripod and Handheld Rig

DSLR News Shooter has some info on a new Cinevate Trawly, 3 in one Camera Dolly, Tripod and handheld rig.

Here is a Video on it.

Trawly - Compact Camera Dolly from Cinevate on Vimeo.

It is $49 until March 1st, then goes up. You can read more about it at Cinevate’s web site.

Looks very cool.

eMotimo Motion Control DSLR Time Lapse

There are 2 models, the PT 2 axis pan and tilt motion control and the TB3 that does 3 axis motion control. The PT is available now for $537 and the TB3 is coming soon for $725 wired and $745 wireless.
Pretty inexpensive for what they do and very impressive. I so want one!
I was looking at DSLR motion Control rigs for Timelapse and found this incredible looking

Hurlblog has 7 Tips for HD & DSLR Color Correction

. Well worth checking out if you use Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.
The Hurlblog from Hurlbut Visuals has an excellent article on 7 Tips for Color Correction with HD and DSLR

Kickstarter Project Timelapse+

There is a very cool new Kickstarter Project for a Timelapse+ Timer Control for Digital DSLR’s.

This an inexpensive and impressive intervelometer that you can pick up for $129.

Here are the intervalometer features:
  • Take an unlimited number of photos
  • Take sets of photos per interval for HDR (up to 10)
  • Each exposure in the set can be set to a different duration
  • 1/10 second resolution for the interval and BULB duration
  • BULB ramping - shift exposure smoothly during the timelapse (to be implemented)
  • Auto BULB ramping based on the light meter (to be implemented)
Three important things govern the design:
  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility and Extendability
  • Durability
It's easy to setup and the large screen lets you see everything you need to know at a glance, yet it supports complex timing configurations.

Which Lens to Buy for DSLR

Philip Bloom has an excellent article on which lenses to buy for DSLR photography and videography.

I wish I could afford all Canon Lenses, but this article is really worth checking out.
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