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PVC Reviews Plural Eyes 3

PVC and Scott Simmons have an excellent preview of the stand alone Plural Eyes 3 from NAB. I can’t wait, and hope that at least Premiere Pro and Avid can be integrated in the single app! Especially since they are trying to group clips after syncing in FCP like they do in Premiere and FCP.

Singular announces PluralEyes 3.0

Creative Cow has the news from NAB. Sync is now faster, and the whole workflow is done within PluralEyes instead of within your NLE. No word on price or release dates though.

Singular Annouces they will have FCP X Support

MacTech is reporting, that Singular Software has announced that a free update to Presto and Plural Eyes will support Final Cut Pro X (so it is good that Apple released an XML for FCP X).
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