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EF Mount Canon Video Camera?

CanonRumors has a report that Canon may be releasing 2 exciting new cameras in October. Both with an APS-C Sensor, but one with an EF Mount and one with a PL mount. The EF is exciting for me as I could use my existing lenses and have a real video camera and not just a DSLR with video functionality. Hopefully this will compete with Sony’s F3 and the Panasonic AF100, though the PL Mount on the F3 makes it superior, the EF might be more exciting for me, just because I own so many lenses already.

Which Lens to Buy for DSLR

Philip Bloom has an excellent article on which lenses to buy for DSLR photography and videography.

I wish I could afford all Canon Lenses, but this article is really worth checking out.
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